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Hey, you asked for it.

One of the many happy benefits of moving this blog to WordPress is that I can now see in gory detail the search terms people use to get here. The most common search terms are, naturally enough, “manboobz” and “man boobz.” It’s on the third-most-popular search term that things start to get weird: it’s “Australopithecus.”  Why? Well, because once upon a time I posted a picture of an Australopithecus couple going about their Australopithecus business.

Let’s take a quick tour through the rest of the search terms list. I think we can learn a few things, both about this blog and about the dreams and desires of people whiling away a boring afternoon at work by poking around the internet. Here are some preliminary conclusions I have drawn from the data:

1) The teeming millions want to look at dudes with lots of muscles:

world’s most muscliest man

most big muscle in the world

world’s muscular man

disgustingly big muscles

silly muscles

les muscle man end the world

And no, I have no idea what that last one means either.

Clearly, the prevalence of muscle-man related search terms is the side effect of having that little picture of a muscly man at the top of the sidebar in the blogger version of this blog. I feel bad that this was all I had to offer the searchers, so as you can see I’ve added a pic of a man with some, yes, ”disgustingly big muscles.”

2) Human sexuality is a weird, wonderful, and often horrifying thing. Sometimes, it involves advanced computer and/or robotic technology:

future lady robot

create a virtual woman with boobs

will cherry 2000 ever happen?

computer mouse in vagina

Other times, animals:

panda furry porn

animal dildo porn

fish meat and women porn movies

I am trying to get that last image out of my head.

3) If you regularly mention sperm on your blog, you’re going to attract a few weirdos:

how to steal sperm

do lizards like human cum

I just Googled that last one and this post of mine was the FIRST RESULT! I would therefore like to publicly state that I DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION and have never even tried to find out the answer to that question. And if you by chance actually do know the answer to that question DO NOT TELL IT TO ME.

4) Angry dudes trying to find men’s rights sites can be careless typists:

why do you always here fiminist indoctorin at school but nothing about mens right activist?

women are like chilfren

A few final thoughts:

Many of the questions listed above are questions that are frankly best left unanswered. But there are some others I would dearly love to see answers to:

what do intellegent agressive beefcake nerds want

what does germaine greer think of buck angel

And one question I can answer pretty definitively:

can socially awkward men find love

Yes. The answer to that one is yes.

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11 years ago

I wonder if NWOslave ever considered the possibility that someone who actually got raped could say they didn’t under duress. Just as someone might say they raped someone they did not rape under duress?
Or would his take on that be who cares, they should stay in prison, they said they did it so…..

But anyway, I don’t think the solution to false accusations is badgering a victim into being afraid of reporting her rape any more than the solution to rapes is badgering a suspect into confessing to a crime they did not commit.

Or in Bizarroland, we make those that are raped say they weren’t and those that are not rapists confess to rape! Yay! Everybody wins! False allegations and false imprisonment for us all. Equality, finally.

Johnny Pez
11 years ago

The thing is, Slavey’s actual goal is not to prevent women from making false rape accusations; his actual goal is to prevent women from making true rape accusations.

11 years ago

The “one drink and she can claim rape” scenario – It wouldn’t matter if a woman has one drink or twenty – when she says no, it’s no. The reason a woman will claim rape is not the amount of alcohol – it’s the fact that she was being forced to do something that she did not consent to. And if you’re gross and horrible enough to penetrate someone while they are passed out, you obviously don’t care that she’s consented to that.

But NWOSlave doesn’t want to see it that way, because fundamentally he doesn’t believe that women are people. You could throw out statistics from God and he isn’t going to read it or believe it. He’d rather live in a world where women are terrified and helpless to say “no”, and act like the property objects he believes them to be. And if you don’t agree with that assessment NWO, then maybe you need to rethink your words.

11 years ago

RE my comment upthread: I bet that David could post a picture of a kitten and you would all end up arguing about false rape accusations, divorce laws, and/or any of the other usual MRM hobby horses.

Oh wait, that already happened.

11 years ago

People like NWO have done their work well. If I am assaulted there is no chance whatsoever that I will report it to the police, because I know for a fact that I won’t receive justice from the legal system. Why waste time and be put through hell, when there is less than a 1% chance that the rapist will serve a single day behind bars? A cheerleader was recently forced to pay restitution for refusing to CHEER FOR HER RAPIST, for pity’s sake.

If I could, I’d find the rapist and kill him myself. But I doubt I could do that, so I’d probably just have to do what most rape survivors have to do: live the rest of my life knowing there will be no justice for me.

11 years ago

Ink – you could make a false rape allegation, that’d really show them. Apparently its worse than death.

11 years ago

See, I told you that search terms were fascinating! Though in my case lately they are wicked depressing.

It turns out that “Can socially awkward men find love” led that searcher to both our sites. Thumbs up! They can! They just have to not hate themselves, women, other men, etc. Socially awkward men who hate women and endlessly spout horrible bile about them cannot and should not find love.

Holly, I’m sorry that happened to you and I understand 100% more than I’d like to. NWOSlave’s “well, just post his name here if it’s true” is completely naive and assholish, because he doesn’t understand that there are ALREADY risky consequences for women who report rapes – true ones, date ones, I-had-consensual-sex-with-him-before-so-I-don’t-make-a-good-witness ones.

His language is frighteningly similar to the HR3 nonsense about “forcible” rape (that they just reworded and tried to bake into the law of the land – goody! It just passed the House!), where rape survivors can be audited by the IRS if they access abortion services and they better be able to prove that they were raped…enough? That it was sufficiently rapey? When NWOSlave talks about forcing a potential rapist to beat him unconscious and take it, he’s saying that he expects women to risk severe injury and death…or else they weren’t raped *enough* and if they say they were they were lying and should be prosecuted. That’s not a decision that he can really make for other people.

As a side note, I wonder how many more rapes are being reported (but not necessarily brought through to successful prosecution) because of stuff like HR3 and the Hyde Amendment? Does that mean the victims are desperate for an abortion and are lying about their rape to access services (and that’s the box that the religious zealots have said “Okay, if you check that box we might let you have an abortion (but we reserve the right to audit the fuck out of you later”), or just coming forward even when the cases might not stand up all the way in court because it’s better than having their rapists’/Dad’s/uncles/priest’s unwanted offspring?

It’s the same old shit we’ve heard over and over again. I wrote about this a while ago…

If you’re a rape victim, here’s what you did to “get” raped:

1. You went about your life and used your liberty to pursue happiness.

2. You ran into a raping rapist who decided to rape you.

I’m always amazed at the patience of posters here who continually rebut these batshit insane arguments with logic and grace. You’re better people than me.

11 years ago

NWO: Care to actually support any of your statements? Averages? Ratios? Number of occurences?

No, of course not. Why? Because we are supposed to believe you have, “The Truth”.

It ain’t so.

Filing a false police report is almost never prosecuted. To get a prosecution requires evidence of willfully filing said police report.

So, if I say I was mugged, and then swear out a statement describing my attacker, and the wrong guy gets grabbed up, and I pick him out of a lineup… because I gave a bad description (and most descriptions are bad), did I file a false report?


Even if I was mugged, and decided to use that as a way to take care of someone I didn’t like, the odds of being able to prove I meant to do that are slim.

So the punishments you want are not in keeping with the actual crime.

Why? Because you have a hard-on for punishing women. You don’t like to admit that rape is a problem. You keep focusing on “violent” rape,as as opposed to lack of consent. Is there a grey area, where one person thinks there is consent, and the other doesn’t? Sure. Things like alcohol and other recreational substances blur that line.

Which means.. Men have to be aware of what they are doing. Wny the men? Because they are, by and large, the one’s who push for a yes when there is a no.

Men commit the vast majority of rapes. That means men are the ones who need to change their behaviors. I’d guess most men who are so on about, “Violent” rape are pushy, and afraid the way they try to persuade women to say yes will get them arrested.

I was in college when “date rape” came on the scene (as an issue, not a problem). I was terrified. I was certain that the act of negotiating for sex was going to go wrong and some woman was going to decide, sometime later, that I’d raped her.

Didn’t happen. I wasn’t always as pure in deed as I might have liked but if she wasn’t interested, or seemed to have a loss of interest, I checked. Pretty much made sure she had the awareness that she could say no, anywhere along the way, and I’d stop.

Your definition of rape… is bullshit. If someone is taken advantage of, is in a diminished capacity, isn’t really interested, and someone has sex with them… it’s rape.

So go ahead, savage me, abuse me. Call me a wimp, a feminist shill, a block-headed moron who hates men, etc. I can take it (people with far better skills at invective have laid into me on all kinds of topics, including this one, your worst [unless you’ve got a lot better game; which you’ve been hiding here] isn’t going to bother me).

As I said elsewhere, MRAL is worthier opponent than you are; he is more honest, and more consistent. Which means, much as I may want to tear my hair out at ways in which you torture logic, abuse others, lie about the facts, misunderstand the law and generally fail to have a clue, I am not (after this post) going to feed the troll.

The back of my hand to you, and the cut direct. I may read, but I shan’t comment. Good day to you.

11 years ago

okay NWOslave,
I’ll bite *note* HUGE trigger warning for detailed discussion of rape and violence
I am a rape survivor. His name is richard (david feel free to redact that if you have a problem with me calling it out on here) I was twelve years old. My mom had gone out to go do some grocery shopping. I had a stress headache due to my upcoming recital because I was struggling with a few moves of the routine. My mother’s husband was at home supposed to be sleeping because he worked nights at the time. He decided to take this opportunity to rape me. I tried fighting him off. I kicked, punched, screamed, bit, and did everything else I could to get him to stop. It didn’t work. After he finished raping me forced me at knife point to shower and clean myself out so that there wasn’t any evidence left on my body. He had made sure that he hit me in places that would be covered up by clothing, and then threatened that if I told anyone he would kill me, my mother, grandmother, and sister. Then he said that he would take my brother and run. I of course didn’t tell anybody. After my mom and him got divorced he started sending threatening voicemails to my phone. After I went off to college he sent a mail bomb to my campus mailbox. In the box was also the nightgown and panties that I had on when he raped me. I had to leave my university and transfer to another one in order to be safe. Oh and the police refuse to prosecute him for the rape because “you’ve been sexually active since then and we can’t prove that he did anything to you”. Even though they have the voicemails where he admits to it, and the clothing covered in semen, my post assault sexual activity apparently means that what he did to me when I was too young to even consent to having sex is null and void. Now NWOslave, do you still contend that all rape survivors are a bunch of liars?

11 years ago

I’m sorry, Bridget. That’s awful what he did to you. I hope you’re safe now, and he can’t find you.

11 years ago

Also: Sorry for spelling your name wrong, briget!

11 years ago

bee, it’s okay. Since I was silenced for so long (I didn’t tell anyone about it until I was 16) talking about it has been part of my healing process. Furthermore, he has no clue where I am now so I am safe.

Doctress Julia
11 years ago

Oh- Holly, Briget, I am so sorry that those things happened to you. I unfortunately can relate in a direct and personal way- neither one of those guys ever spent a day in jail, or suffered any consequences at all. One of these guys had raped at least 3 other women from my neighborhood, and none of them were willing to report it (I was the only on who did; it felt so pointless and humiliating). They were understandably scared. It still enrages me to think of it. I just know that I wasn’t the last one for either of them.

Doctress Julia
11 years ago

I meant ‘one’ , aargh typooo

11 years ago


Or maybe I could do something even worse…like, say, hold a door open for a man. That one seems to absolutely crush their very souls.

11 years ago

Or you know just allow us to walk through it. Most really don’t care about having doors held open for us.

11 years ago

david, I’m fine really. Therapy and an extremely supportive SO and group of friends have helped me work through my issues. After years of not being okay and living day to day trying to function I can finally say that I have indeed survived what happened to me. I have returned to being a whole and normal person. However, it still and probably will always infuriate me when the only thing people want to talk about is false rape reports.

11 years ago

“You don’t think men commit suicide at a rate of 4 to 1 as opposed to women for no damn good reason, do ya?”

The reason is that men are diagnosed with some mental illnesses at about the same rate.

And if you want more stories about women going to jail, YOU Google them, I have better things to do and found those three in about 45 seconds which was all I had the patience for.

That said, “men losing their families and livelihoods” etc for a false rape accusation is complete bullshit. Gary Ridgway was under investigation as being the Green River Killer almost from the beginning of the case, and everyone he worked with knew it – at the Kenworth plant he worked at, his nickname was “Green River Gary” because the entire plant knew that the King County Sheriff had brought him in for DNA collections, lie detectors, and questioning multiple times.

Still, he kept his job, even got promoted, divorced, got remarried, had a kid, sold his old tract house and bought a bigger home in Auburn and an RV – until he was caught. So, if one can succeed being investigated for being a fucking serial killer of over 48 women, SURELY you can post one story about a man losing it all and eating the barrel of a shotgun because someone falsely accused him of a crime.

11 years ago

Sigh, the reason for suicide discrepancy is well documented in psychology-the answer is that the choice of suicide methods vary. Women in fact attempt suicide more often than men. Men, however, are far more likely to use firearms. Firearms have a lower survival rate when it comes to suicide attempts. There are a two main theories as to why this is:

1) Men own more firearms in general and so have them readily available for a suicide attempt.
2) Suicide is often seen as weak or emasculating, particularly suicide using prescription drugs (suicide using illegal drugs-such as heroin, strangely is seen as more masculine than suicide with things like sleeping pills). Firearms are generally seen as masculine. Suicide by firearm in western societies, therefore, tends to be seen as the most masculine method of suicide and hence is sought out by suicidal men. Related to this idea is the theory that men do not face a similar pressure to “leave a pretty corpse” as compared to women.

One old theory that has been mostly debunked was the idea that men died of suicide more because of a reluctance to seek out mental health treatment. While it is true that men are less likely than women to seek mental health treatment, the fact that women attempt suicide more often suggests that this is not likely the factor leading to a higher death rate. There is a related notion that is gaining some traction in being seen as a contributing factor-the idea that women seeking treatment for mental health symptoms are often prescribed other drugs to deal with symptoms alone and do not end up recieving treatment for the underlying disorder-making depressed women highly likely to have sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, sedatives, and other common means of suicide by pill more readily at hand, making them less likely to seek alternative suicide means-such as firearm or hanging-most of which have higher death rates than pills.

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