The Road to a Bitch-Free Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow, MRA style

Sometimes I don’t even have to leave my own blog to find wondrous examples of MRA loopiness at its finest. If you haven’t already, I urge you to take a look at the comments for my Be Aggressive! post from Saturday, where you will find a fellow calling himself Men’s Rights Activist Lieutenant making statements like this.

[T]he MRM movement is the road to a better tomorrow, a place in which men will be treated as human beings, and bitches will be no longer permitted to use men as objects. This is the most important fight in the Western world, in my opinion, and I have a high IQ.

Is he for real? For the sake of our common humanity, I hope not. For the sake of this blog, oh, I dearly dearly hope he’s real.

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Avicenna, only weird English people like sausage. Yuck.

It is bacon….or nothing!

Anyone think that MRAL is kind of like Quebert’s first episode on Futurama where he was telling everyone it was “impossible!”

How about we stop harping on the IQ thing? I mentioned it once, and it doesn’t matter.

Okay, all I’m trying to say is that there are social classes. This is nothing new, hierarchy has existed since the beginning of civilization. This is merely a modern application to a specific area of life. The Greek system is simply a fact, and it sucks for the male omegas. The alphas and the bitches take great pleasure in keeping the male omegas down because they get some sort of validation from it, and then further validation when the servile male betas lick their boots. I’m sick of it- wouldn’t you be? Feminism isn’t the answer, because all the femibitches want to do is dethrone the alphas, while keeping the bitches on top, so they don’t have to share the power. Practically, that’s no different than what we have now, for me at least. So I joined the egalitarian MRAs, who want to create an even playing field socially and sexually, where the alphas cannot torment the omegas and stroke their egos, and the bitches cannot treat the omegas like shit and get away with it.

Please define for me who “the bitches” are, because the only one I know personally is my brother’s female dog, and she’d be happy to sleep with just about anybody. She’s also quite happy to lick boots and feet.

You mentioned it in two of your four posts before this one. That ain’t once.

*ahem*. The Greek system is not a fact, it is something you have made up. Upper class people, in general, don’t care enough about the lower class to enjoy keeping them down. Feminists want women to be treated with the same respect as men, they most certainly do NOT want to reverse the roles and have men be at the bottom.

*breathe* The MRAs are not egalitarian, they want women to be subservient to men, and insist routinely on men’s superiority to women in all aspects of life, from intellect and contribution to society to morals.

You, sir, are, to borrow a phrase, fractally wrong; wrong on every level you look. And any time you spend making groundless assertions to try to prove your point will simply be more time we will mock you for them.

I consider the bitches to be what could be termed “alpha women”, and to a slightly lesser extent “beta women” (who usually have an overinflated ego and believe they’re alpha caliber anyway, so there’s no real difference between the two). Fat and/or ugly chicks are in their own orbit, but unlike the omega males, they aren’t actively tormented by the bitches and the alphas.

If MRAL was a real man, he’d be boasting about how he can crush a beer can against his forehead. Only wimpy girly-men boast about how smart they are.

@kirbywarp Are you sure about that lettuce stuff? I’m pretty sure BLT stands for Bacon Lamb Turkey. None of that girly vegetable matter in our manly sandwiches!


Thank you for reminding me. Obviously it is served on two slices of fried chicken. (I assume the breading is a necessary evil…) 😛

MRAL, I’m not sure you’re not a fake fakey fakester who is just making up outlandish ideas to pass the time, but OK. I’ll bite.

Stop calling women “bitches.” Seriously. This is half your problem.

Society does have general classes of people. Lots of them. And people have a virtual smorgasbord of different qualities and backgrounds, skills, ideas, desires, talents, characteristics, and stories. People have sex with other people because those other people (and their backgrounds, skills, ideas, etc.) click with them in some satisfying way. You think women won’t have sex with you because you’re short. Completely disproving that idea: Tons of lived experience, from me and lots of other women. I have friends who only date short men. I have short male friends who the ladies love. I myself am taller than my boyfriend. Women won’t have sex with you because you hate women and you’re unpleasant.

On a side note, I know two men who only have sex with prostitutes. Women who aren’t paid to be around them generally can’t stand them. Why? Are they omegas? They both own their own homes. They both are pretty good looking. They both are really fit. One of them is superrich. They’re betas by your system, at least, and they aren’t MGTOW–they both say they want a girlfriend. But they both view women (either all women, or just women they want to fuck) pretty much as subhuman. So tell me. In this socially and sexually even playing field that egalitarian MRAs are magically going to create, are women at least allowed not to have sex with men who treat them like shit?

And to answer your question (wouldn’t you be sick of alphas and bitches keeping male omegas down?)–I think I’d be even more sick of having to maintain this false sense of persecution that I’d decided defined me as an omegaperson. Now that shit would get really boring, really fast.

MRAL, how exactly is the playing field to be levelled? What actions would you take? Omegas get to have sex with any woman they choose, consent be damned? Maybe a licensing system for Omegas (dog tags?) so that women will know which men they should be nicer to?

MRAL, if there are women (or men) in your life that treat you “like shit”, why are you spending time with them? Why not join a new club (Hiking! Drama! Band!) or find a volunteer group (Habit for Humanity! Homeless Shelter! Tutoring!) and meet some new, nice people? They exist, I am sure of it.

And why, pray tell, is all of your MRM Ire directed towards “the bitches”, when it sounds like you feel the “alpha and beta men” treat you just as poorly?

Finally: This: “Fat and/or ugly chicks are in their own orbit, but unlike the omega males, they aren’t actively tormented by the bitches and the alphas.”

is utterly wrong, if you are speaking in meta terms of how media and social pressures erode the esteem of women who aren’t considered conventionally beautiful. You, gentle scholar, have never walked in these shoes, so forebear to speculate how it feels.

Johnny Pez, I will forgive you for saying that if you pass me a bacon-lion tongue sandwich and a beer can to crush upon my dainty forehead.

Oh no MRAL-you do not get to decide when we stop mocking you for saying something asinine.

And no, the society that MRAs are talking about have nothing to do with equality. You, yourself, have shown that the only kind of “equality” you would like involves treating women as less then fully human. In fact, you seem to view women as merely something for sex. Since you do not get all the “ass,” as you put it so indelicately, you view all women with hatred and blame feminism for preventing you from getting that as well as this weird system of classification that has no bearing on reality.

Here is the kicker though-there never was a society in which you could get any and all the “ass” you wanted. Not ever. Even King Henry VIII of England had to wait seven years to get into someone’s whatever Ladies In Waiting wore back then. Because society has not nor ever will be set up for you to have sex with any woman you want when you want it for a lot of different reasons. And not one of them is because of some kind of classification system with oh so convenient changing definitions that you MRAs have invented to make yourselves feel better about being unable to have decent relationships with anyone except each other.

OK, I have to admit that I am now curious about the administrative details concerning the Greek Letter Hierarchy. Who determines which letter applies to which person? Is there some sort of panel you can appeal to if you want to change your letter? Can you petition to have more letters added to the system? Because I think I’d rather be an omicron than an omega, or possibly even a pi.

I like pi!

“Okay, all I’m trying to say is that there are social classes. This is nothing new, hierarchy has existed since the beginning of civilization.”

If you were being graded on a college paper you would have gotten an “F” right at the first paragraph. People just love to start their argument off with things like, “Throughout history…” “Since time immemorial…” “Since the dawn of human civilization…” “It is in human nature to…” without ever providing any evidence. Yes, they sound cool, but are completely empty phrases.

MRAL: A lot of what you say sounds very superficial and shallow. Not many women want to have the looks rated by an arbitrary Greek letter standard or the more common scale of 1 to 10. If a woman feels like she is only judged by her looks, she probably wouldn’t like it, even if she looked like Megan Fox. After all, everyone ages and nobody can be beautiful forever.

If a woman is only judged by her weight, she might get eating disorders. You also need to know the BMI scale you discussed in the other thread is bogus. According to the BMI charts, a woman is overweight when she is pregnant, even though weight gain of about 25-35 lb. is essential to have a healthy baby. The charts say my husband is morbidly obese, but I don’t judge him by his body fat percentage, but instead by his character, his kindness, and his intelligence.

Finally, what specific ideas do you or any other MRA’s have to make “an even playing field socially and sexually”. If you want people to stop bullying less popular people, that is a good idea, but there is nothing you can do politically to make people be nice without curtailing their basic freedoms. If you want people to be nicer, start with yourself. If you feel entitled to sex with beautiful women, then there’s nothing anybody can do for you. Nobody is entitled to the use of another person’s body without consent.

I’m intellectually superior to most men and women.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but doesn’t an IQ of 101 make you “intellectually superior” to most people? Colour me unimpressed.

Not that IQ provides any indication of capacity for rational thought or ability to think critically; cf. Mensa, a haven for crackpots and conspiracy theorists. So in this case “I’m intellectually superior to” really means “I have a higher IQ than.” Whoop de doo. You’ll have to excuse those of us who don’t think that busting out IQ automatically wins you an argument.

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that any statement that needs to be prefaced with “Now keep in mind that I am a VERY SMART PERSON” is going to make anyone with even half a brain in their heads die a little bit inside.

you know if his idea of egalitarian society ever takes form I’m going to go pound down milkshakes, kfc double deckers, cheesecake, chocolate cake, hooters wings, and as many margaritas as I can get my hands on because there is no way in hell I am having sex with any of these MRAssholes

I couldn’t imagine the kind of hell an MRA’s ideal vision of the future is.

Here, let Spearhead commenter Zebert spell it out for you:

Communize the Cunt
by Zebert » Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:59 pm

In our economic system women exchange their sexuality for access to power because they are born with two products that men want – sexuality and beauty. Men must design a political or economics system that removes the ability of women to decide who accesses their sexuality. Men must communize the cunt.

All women must be herded into sex farms where all men will have free and equal access. We must communize the cunt. If we don’t, our species is doomed.

Unfortunately, you must register and log in now to view the Forum at Spearhead, where the above was posted. But if one cares to do so, here is the the posting quoted above.

Briget, I agree with all of your plan except for the cheesecake part. It’s one of my least favorite foods. I’ll have McDonald’s fries instead.

This is proof that Heinlein in the wrong hands can be as dangerous and Ayn Rand.

kendra, enjoy your french fries! mcdonalds fries have beef boullion sprinkled over them and I can’t eat beef due to a protein absorbtion disorder so cheesecake which is one of my favorite things (especially chocolate cheesecake with raspberry reduction on top mmm) will have to do for me! However I say that if this conspiracy revolution ever takes place we sit and down the food together!

All women must be herded into sex farms where all men will have free and equal access.

And we have come full circle with the Spinal Tap references. Only I don’t think these guys understand that it was supposed to be satire.

Only I don’t think these guys understand that it was supposed to be satire.

Ah, so maybe these guys aren’t getting it because they’re not gettin’ it.

Can I just say that I love how Mr. I iz GENIUS IQ completely didn’t get that I was pointing out that while “bitch” is a real English word, it is one that is referring to dogs, not adult women. Not that I expected him to start treating women with respect or stop using the word, but the severity of the point completely flying over his head is hilarious.

And I take it back, he’s too toxic for my brother’s dog to want to snuggle with him – she’s way too sweet.

Yikes! Zebert’s comment is extreme even by Spearhead standards. My curiosity got the better of me, so I registered to see the whole comment, and what’s more disgusting is that NOBODY challenged him on his sick idea of rape farms. It scares me to think that there are people out there in the world that might look normal on the outside, but they are secretly harboring such dark thoughts.

By the way women, in case the MRAs finally take over the world, Briget and I will be hosting pigout parties. We want everyone to gain enough weight to keep the MRA nuts away. Bring your own beer.

Typical Zebert comment, though. Look for the one about removing the female voicebox at birth. If we don’t remove the female voicebox at birth, our species is doomed… I say DOOMED!!!

The implementation of mandatory registration to view most of their forums is fairly recent, but I had saved a few of the “choicer” comments, along with link to the posting, from a while back.

And even if their utopia came to pass, they’d still condemn the HAWT chicks in the rape farm for being sluts.

I’ll bring girl scout cookies, pie, and homemade donuts to the pigout party.

If you were being graded on a college paper you would have gotten an “F” right at the first paragraph. People just love to start their argument off with things like, “Throughout history…” “Since time immemorial…” “Since the dawn of human civilization…” “It is in human nature to…” without ever providing any evidence. Yes, they sound cool, but are completely empty phrases.

I began a paper this way once. I was taking the world’s easiest art history class and by the end I was wondering if it was possible not to get an A on a paper. So my roommate suggested I start it with “Since the dawn of time…” The prof labeled it a “delicious sendup” and gave it an A.

I will bring Pecan Butter Balls, which are sort of the Southern version of Swedish wedding cookies. Shortbread cookies made with finely-chopped Pecans that are rolled in Powdered Sugar. Totally on board for the getting fat thing! Especially if it’ll keep these sorts of dudes away from me!

I saw a show about the Hima tribe of Uganda preparing for their weddings. They go into a special hut for months and constantly consume cream and milk so that they can be at maximum fatness since in that particular culture, the larger a woman the more beautiful she is.

I daresay we need to consume tons and tons of melted Cherry Garcia ice cream.

I am already fat and genderqueer, so I suppose I am safe. Still, I will cook up a few chocolate pies from my great aunt’s recipe and send them over (I’ll even make my own crusts-proper ones made with lard). You’ll need whip cream to go on that too.

Bwhahahahahaha! That’s hilarious! “Hay guize! I haz a sooper hi iQ!” Please… I know a bigot when I see one, and I have a desert tortoise.

If we’re talking food, I’ll be happy to bring my oatmeal raisin craisin cookies. Yum!

Also, I love how he goes from “I totally believe in equality” to “Cut your penis off you traitor!” Nice. He OBVIOUSLY thinks that women are equal to men.

Oh, MRAL: I’m fat and some people probably consider me ugly (because beauty is subjective, obviously; if you were really so smart, you’d know that). But I’m just as good as anyone, thin, penis-bearing, or smarter than I am. Honestly? I try not to hate on anyone… I make exceptions for bigots.

One does wonder what species they mean. After all, with something on the order of 6,000,000,000 people on the planet, the human race; from a purely biologic point of view, is; at present, in no danger of extinction.

So I think they mean something else. I suspect they believe (Lord knows it’s hard to figure out just what they believe, the terms are arcane, and fluid, at best), that “Real Men” are in danger of being

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