Grand Opening

Welcome to the all new, if not completely finished, Man Boobz, now hosted on

The transfer has not gone completely smoothly. One glitch: I haven’t been able to transfer over the latest two posts on the old Man Boobz to here, so if you want to discuss either post, you’ll have to do it on the old Man Boobz. Here are the links:

My Secret Life as a Group of Women

Girlz in the Hood

Anyway, welcome! If you’ve had any problems accessing this blog — the old one or the new one — please email me at futrelle [at]

16 replies on “Grand Opening”

Hrm.. Can wordpress accept profiles like blogger did? Would people want this? Would it matter? Should be interesting to see how this works out.

Also FIRST! (Bwa ha ha ha ha!)

vera nice. My only suggestion is that maybe you could use a darker/neutral background like your previous blog. The current background is a little hard on the eyes.

Congratulations, David, it’s beautiful!

Also, here: I’ve brought you some old discounted Easter candy as a housewarming gift.

Welcome, all!

I’ll be fiddling with the layout/design for a little while. Not sure I’ll keep this punky background or not.

Congrats! Is it now possible for you to have your links open in a new window so that I don’t navigate away from this site?

Whoo hoo! WordPress uses the “Posting for the Technically Challenged” system!
Thank you David!

Glad to see the site is working again! I couldn’t get on for awhile after you said it was up. I just discovered this blog a week ago and am midway through an archive binge. Loving both the hilarious boobery and the catastrophic comment wars trying to justify them.

Also, if I might ask? You’ve got a lot of cool retro images on this site, where do you find it all?

Dire sloth —

Glad you’re enjoying yourself. I just use google image search for to find most of the images here, and page through LOTS of crappy results to find the good stuff. My big secret is to restrict results to b&w pics — ta da! Lots of nice old pics.

Can I just say that the wordpress incarnation of this site is way better than the blogger version?

For one thing, either wordpress itself or the theme you’re using is much, much, much, much more mobile-friendly.

I gots to read me my manboobz while on the move.

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