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I know a couple of people are having trouble posting comments here and/or signing into their Google accounts. If you’re having trouble, please email me (see my profile for my email address) and, if possible, let me know if you’re having trouble at all Blogger blogs or just this one.
At this point, I’m assuming it’s just some temporary Google glitch, but if it’s something Manboobz-specific I need to know.
One possible solution: if you’re having trouble posting you may need to enable cookies for this site. If you try this and it fixes the problem, let me know as well.

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>I don't seem to be having any trouble posting but I use chrome for linux and my internet seems to be having massive issues loading so I checked the connection to another comp and it was absolutely fine, so maybe google itself is having problems today?

>i am mostly commenting to say: OMGSQUEEPANDA!also that i have no problem commenting, maybe because i use wordpress? although it seems to switch between showing my name (tree) and showing my username (grammatolatry). but that is neither here nor there.

>I've had problems posting with my WordPress account (using Firefox). Sometimes it's refused to verify my account; sometimes it just says there's an error and it can't post the comment. The latter seems to catch overlong comments–but it doesn't list a maximum comment length anywhere and it doesn't tell you that your comment is too long; it just refuses to post it.It's also annoying that it uses my blog's URL, which is neither my handle nor the name of my blog, as my handle on here. It would be nice if you could just enter name/URL.

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