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>Do Men Going Their Own Way Dream of Misogynistic Sheep?


Let’s just flush superbad into space.

Some manosphere dudes dream of a future filled with robogirl sex slaves eager to fulfill their every twisted wish. Over on Happy Bachelors, superbad dreams bigger. And weirder. Here’s his vision of a futuristic misogynistic sex utopia, a sort of sexed-up sci-fi version of that old creepy fairy tale about Bluebeard, mixed with a bit of Moonraker for good measure:

in an ideal world i would live alone on a huge spaceship with a large queue of sexy virgin’s in cryofreeze. when i got the urge i would select one to be thawed on a non-Windows OS computer. after having my way with them, if they asked anything too personal, like my name, i’d hit a big red panic button and have them flushed into space. then i’d eat some souvlaki and log on to a feminist forum and tell them how deeply i cared about their cause. “you’re right Sarah! i think twats should rule the world… YAAY TWATS!” then till the wee hours i would work on my mangina annihilation ray. when perfected i’d pull up to earth, get on a 100 million watt transmitter, and announce, while sipping ouzo, “you all got 24 hours to get the f*ck out”.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

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11 years ago

>oh my god, this is amazing.a men's rights activist…his ULTIMATE FANTASY WORLD is one where he spends any amount of time logging onto feminist forums!feminist forums exist in his ultimate fantasy! he needs feminism around to fuel his violence. hate. hate. hate.

11 years ago

>feminist forums exist in his ultimate fantasy! he needs feminism around to fuel his violence.I don't think it's so much needing it to fuel his violence and needing it as a target. If there wasn't feminism to scapegoat, they'd start turning on (not in the romantic/sexual sense) each other.

11 years ago

>"'So wait…if Nice Guys(tm) are gentle beta males, what's the difference between a Nice Guy(tm) and a mangina? Is it just that the latter actually succeeds in niceness?.'Aren't niceguys supposed to be bitter guys that can't get laid? I'm confused. Make up your mind one of these years and I'll get to you then. "There are few things more satisfying than watching some goober make an ass of himself with a nuclear-grade reading comprehension pratfall. Everyone, bask in the glory of the above.

11 years ago

>"Everyone, bask in the glory of the above."—johnnycakesYou're basking in a nuclear fallout? Damh, you are quite the glutton for punishment.

11 years ago

>Nuclear fallouts are perfect for basking, Witchy. You hadn't heard? All the cool kids are doing it.

11 years ago

>The whole "cakes" thing reminds me of something from the Series of Unfortunate Events books. These three siblings are sent to a boarding school of some sort, and the school bully targets them. She repeatedly calls the siblings "cakesniffers". It's supposed to sting; but both the protagonists and the reader are too busy wondering "what the fuck is a 'cakesniffer'?" to be offended.

10 years ago

Like the prototypical feminist’s shaky pitiable attempts at reasoning, you’re using one specific instance from your own limited knowledge, generalizing it to superlative levels, and then claiming that this warped representation of your own arbitrary impression is reality.

Not every MRA is a crazed woman-hating sex-bot fetishist, as hard as it might be for you to believe…


This was random.

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