>Off-topic Friday: Rick Ross tries to remember what geese are called.


Why yes, that IS my head. I’m wearing my head.

So this has basically zilch to do with the topic of this blog, but I’ve been sort of obsessed lately with Rick Ross. Not the famous drug dealer, but the Miami rapper who borrowed his name. Now, I know that Ross’ schtick is vaguely ludicrous: he raps mainly about being a big-time drug dealer and spending insane amounts of money. He’s actually a former prison guard; it’s not clear if he’s ever sold a kilo of coke.

But somehow I can’t stop listening to him. The songs of his that are currently on heavy rotation in my apartment (and in my head) are BMF (Blowin’ Money Fast) and MC Hammer off his latest album. They’re essentually two versions of the same song with different lyrics. The first is, well, about selling dope. And spending insane amounts of money. The second is about being … MC Hammer. And selling dope. And spending insane amounts of money. It contains the following couplet:

I got 30 cars, whole lot of dancers
I take them everywhere, I’m MC Hammer

But that’s not what I’m here to tell you about. What I do want to bring to your attention is an interview with him I ran across on It’s, well, a little odd. Consider this exchange:

How’s life in Miami?

Rick Ross : Ah, it’s wonderful. I’m currently in New York City, it’s 20 degrees… it feels like it. My nose feels like it. But two days ago I was in my briefs, in the pool, palm trees, I saw like — not ducks flying over me, but something else. Some other… amphibian… yeah, they be flying over me. Not like a duck or a bird, but something else. Them long-necked things. Geese. Yeah, geese. They look fly when you fly by, you know what I mean?

Well, I suppose technically speaking, geese are amphibious: that is, they can function in water or on land. I’m pretty sure they’re birds, though.

Later in the interview he notes how much he loves “that smoke for my mind. I love that smoke for my mind, you know? It inspires me.”

Yeah, dude. We can tell.

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11 years ago

>You make little sense Nick. But you did manage to convince yourself you are a victim once again. Shall I get you a hanky to wipe up your tears.

11 years ago

>"You make little sense Nick. But you did manage to convince yourself you are a victim once again. Shall I get you a hanky to wipe up your tears."Haha no thanks I think feminists need one more than me as the total irony is; feminists complain a billion times more than me.Feminists are dumbass hypocrites. They think they are entitled to complain all they want at any place and any time. When a man just opens his mouth with one little complaint, he is considered to be a whiner.Feminism is a total fail when it comes to being an equality movement

11 years ago

>NickSocial life = do you have freinds.Your answer spoke for itself even though it made little to no sense.I suggest you go out and join a soft ball league to start meeting people outside of the internet.

11 years ago

>Hey, just thought I'd stop back in to say that I am ALWAYS WRONG!!!! /s Yeah, I know- the Mentors?? I just kind of like them. I also like Gwar and Carcass, though, so… hey. No accounting for (my) bad taste, eh? lolYes, David, I know, but… there are some songs where I hear them and I think, "Jeez, if only those two lines about 'grading hoes' or '(insert verb) bitchez' weren't there… this song would be perfect". Sigh. What do ya do… David, I think you're awesome and I love your blog. Keep it going!

11 years ago

>"Elizabeth said… The issue was a lot more boring then they make it out to be. But it is still cool! And then I win money so I no longer have to use some man to pay for my way! *laughs*"The link points to a story about the Arizona shooting aftermath. I'm not sure how you win money from that.

11 years ago

>Jupiter-Arizona has casinos on the reservations and the shooting portion was only part of it. The other part was about some of the more wacky antics of some of the Republican party activists.

David Futrelle
11 years ago

>Elizabeth, I think you either linked to the wrong article or that the version of the story that ran online was missing a section on the reservations and/or casinos.

11 years ago

>I think people are misunderstanding what I was talking about.The article was about the lack of civility in Arizona despite the claims of some of the politicians that they were going to be more civil in their discussions. I was involved in one of the parts of the article and got an unattributed mention (my name was not listed but my job was). That was awesome #1 on Friday.The awesome #2 was the fact that in Arizona we have reservations and casinos on those reservations. I went to a casino and won. I made a crack about not needing a man to support me based on the silliness of the idea itself.

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