>Masculine inadequacies drive women nuts! Also, turtles.


Notice they are only attacking him, not her. Clearly, turtles are misandrists!

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>It is a fact that most turtles are misandrists.In fact, I often will get physically abusive with my pet turtle just so I can get an erection.And – it really turns my woman on.

>It's even funnier if you read "Masculine inadequacies drive women nuts!" as a word balloon being said by the turtle chewing on the guy's arm.

>The really scary thing is that even medium-sized turtles (especially snapping turtles–yeowch!) can very easily destroy one's masculinity. I hope the guy in the picture is wearing turtle-resistant pants.

>HE'S PROTECTING HER. You're all blind to the facts dead in front of you. It's her and other women and their failed and flawed perceptions that lead to most of the male oppression and sometimes humiliating danger that is so well depicted here. The fact that this is from a bygone era proves the point that men have always suffered greatly at the hands of nature's biological determinism, and try as you might to make women out to be the perpetual victims of natural circumstances, men have always suffered greatly at the cruel and sadistic hands of rightly termed MOTHER nature. The turtles surely serving as sexual symbolism here explains this supposed discrepancy that these turtles are not "giant", when indeed, while gnawing and clawing at the man while he struggles to protect the integrity of this women are GIANT indeed, and the fact that the mocking patrons of manboobz can't perceive what is clearly there, speaks volumes. Sure, to the callous misandrist, those turtles don't appear as giant. This keeps in line with the constant minimizing of the obvious plights of men but beyond that, these turtles by their sheer numbers, also serve to perfectly illustrate the capacity of women to over-inflate a man's perceived inadequacies, and blow out of proportion the horror of not getting their own way in the most trivial of matters. This illustration speaks volumes to those not blind.

>Uh Mark…why do I suspect you are sitting back, feet up, keyboard in lap, with a glass of good whiskey at hand…typing in whatever you think will get a rise for your cultural anthropology research paper?

>Yeah, I'm Theresa, and have posted here before an did not sign this post like I signed others. This is my google account that my boyfriend set up for me, so I show up as Mark, and yeah, I was totally kidding. hee hee. Hope you enjoyed it.

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