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>Men: Do not be hypontized by Kim Kardashian’s boobies into getting a Kardashian Kard


Consumerist warns that “the reality show star is pimping a new prepaid debit card targeted at kids” — and, presumably, unwary men easily hypnotized by boobies — “that is as bursting with hidden fees as Kim’s shirt, featured prominently on the plastic, is bursting with integrity.” The card costs $59.95 to purchase (including 6 months of monthly fees); monthly fees (after this initial period) of $7.95; ATM withdrawals are $1.50. There’s also a $9.95 (per boobie) monthly boobie maintenance fee. (Ok, one of those fees is made up.)

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12 years ago

>I think the consumerist has it wrong, this marketing is more likely aimed at young women that want to emulate the lifestyles KK, PH etc. I cant see a guy wanting to carry around a credit card that looks like that.Only around 20% of advertising is aimed at males as males arent the influential consumer group.

12 years ago

>Thanks for the warning Dave.I'll be sure to avoid getting one of these cards.

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