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>Registraton is now required to post comments here


We’re having a lovely discussion.

In order to cut down on some of the, er, noise in the comment section, from now on only registered users will be allowed to comment here.

It’s a bit of a hassle, but I’d rather do this than to enable comment moderation, which is even more of a hassle for me and for everyone else. I hope that all of you regular posters who are actually trying to have real discussion will stick around. It really doesn’t take much time to register.

Oh, and the rest of my comment policy still stands: Don’t say things so vile and hateful that if you said them to Gandhi, he’d punch you in the head. No gratuitously nasty personal attacks. No really hateful slurs. (More specifics here.) Otherwise, go at it.

EDIT: If you try to post a comment and it simply doesn’t show up, that’s not my doing; it’s Blogger’s spam filter at work. I would turn it off if I could. I will un-filter comments as soon as I see them in the spam folder, so long as they aren’t vile/hateful, as spelled out above.

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11 years ago

>David: In order to cut down on some of the, er, noise in the comment section, from now on only registered users will be allowed to comment here. It depends what you consider as 'noise'. If you consider the voice of MRAs as 'noise' I doubt that registration will change that noise.

11 years ago

>Can't blame you a bit on that one. Perhaps Yohan didn't see all those anonymous posts that served no purpose other than to harass.

11 years ago

>@Yohan.Sorry bro, "Noise" refers to twits – like the one or ones at manhood101. I am sure you have seen how out of control the comments at the-spearhead get – and very quickly.Be honest and be fair. There are a small number of "twirps" out there that have "E-turrets" syndrome.

11 years ago

>Censorship is such a good friend to feminism.

David Futrelle
11 years ago

>Registration cuts down on random sniping comments that add nothing to the debate. That's the noise I was talking about. Registration puts a tiny little hurdle into the commenting process that encourages posting by people — MRAs, feminists, people who don't fit into either category — who are willing to stick around and actually discuss the issues. Martin: How have I censored you? Your comment is right there. MRAs can register as easily as non-MRAs.

11 years ago

>Be realistic, Martin. David tried keeping his comments section open to ALL, including persons who selected to comment as "Anonymous", and some of those sections quickly degraded into 'idiocyfests' (on the part of BOTH MRAs AND non-MRAs) instead of remaining half-decent dialogues or debates. As far as I can tell, David would like to clean up the comments sections without having to resort to censoring or comment moderating, and I can respect that.

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