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>Famous all over town

>Apparently, they can’t look away. A couple of days after Paul Elam — the MRA elder I am scheduled to debate on the topic of domestic violence later this week — launched a weird tirade against me on his blog, I’m now getting attention (and some traffic) from Ferdinand Bardamu at In Mala Fide, in a post urging MRAs to, er, stop paying attention to me.

As is generally the case with my MRA critics, it’s basically a bunch of empty insults. But as empty insults go, they’re not half bad. He calls me, among other things, a “twerp,” a “feminist quisling,” and “a miserable mediocrity who’s trying to get famous, an ant in our blog ecosphere.” He somehow manages to avoid the term “mangina” altogether.

There is one bit that’s actually obnoxious. In an attempt to explain something he said in a homophobic post of his I quoted last week, he says this:

radical gay activists, in their obnoxious way of shoving their lifestyles in the faces of the heterosexual majority and demonizing them, are poking and prodding an elephant. Elephants are big, heavy and have sharp tusks, and can gore or stomp you to death without breaking a sweat. If gays don’t clean up their act and stop treating straight people with contempt … they could inspire a violent homophobic backlash. Capisce?

Is it just me, or does anyone else suspect that the people given to “warning” gays about a “possible violent homophobic backlash” would be the first to get in line to stomp gays like an elephant in such a backlash?

EDIT: Oops! Speaking of attention, I forgot to add this actual screen capture. Hey, try it yourself.

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>I think we discussed those threat-warnings in the comment section of the piece on Clarisse Thorn a while ago. To re-iterate, shit like that is a threat of violence. If we don't go back into the closet quietly he will attack us? Typical homophobic sociopathic bullshit. His violent hatred is as unsurprising (given his earlier comments) as it is disgusting. This man is a dangerous bigot who deserves every bit of contempt he receives.

>Any man who doesn't grovel at women's feet seems to be a threat.Feminists expect us to agree and shut up. They are just as bad as the cave men they complain about.

>Congrats on making the first page. Does Bardamu re-read his posts? Does he realize what he wrote? And how much it reeks of hatred? He's really not shy about wrapping himself in the flag of homophobia…. and apparently Nick didn't read what Bardamu wrote either.

>Even with the quotes you're farther down in the Google results for me. It's not a good way of judging much of anything, the results change from person to person, from what I've heard.

>More than anything, this blog would make people agree with men's rights as it's supposed to be a blog that ridicules the philosophy of men's rights but it laughably fails. It's giving the message that there is no ammo to ridicule men's rights. Sure, there are some random people who support the movement that are haters. But you get that in any movement alike, such as feminism. All David can simply come up with is quotes from random people. Anyone can have a field day doing the same to feminists

>I agree Nick. David here has some valid points here but what he's doing would be decried as silencing and shaming if done to feminists (and I know this from experience).

>Oh Hurray!!!Tweedle Dip and Tweedle Shit are going to debate domestic violence.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post the whole dialog – I haven't had a good laugh in a long long while.By the way – Darth Paul did call you:"Manganimous"You said this: "He somehow manages to avoid the term "mangina" altogether."Wrong again David – Paul "man-Hating" Elam did call you a mangina after all…You should have tried actually READING his essay on you – knucklehead.P.S.I am not buying any of this crap.Nice publicity stunt you two A-holes.I can imagine how frightening it must be for twits like you and Darth Elam to be exposed for the frauds you both are.As Adolph Hitler put it:"What luck for rulers, that men do not think"Fortunately – for MEN, there will be a stubborn jack-ass like me that sees through it all, who DOES think – and exposes you two GITS for what you both are.FRAUDS playing GAMES.

>Oh, Anonymous (from 12:10): When I said that "he" didn't call me a mangina, the "he" clearly referred to was Bardamu. Paul uses the word "mangina" all the time, and has called me one I don't know how many times, though in this case the word you're referring to was actually the word "magnanimous," which is a real word with a real meaning.

>So I NEED GLASSES.So GD effing what.Darth Elam has a tendancy to use real words once in a rare while.I am guessing you two bozo's have a complete script rehearsed for the "debate" – wink wink.Love the way you "avoided" the rest of my comments…Like a good little politician, you avoided the main course of my statement – and went right for insignificant errors caused by bad eyes on my part.As Darth Elam would say: SPIN AWAY.

>We'll Dave maybe we can try and make mangina something good? It could mean that you get so much vagina (cuz youre so politically savvy and progressive which is attractive to women- and everyone with a brain) that you practically have one? Or it could be a compliment since a vagina has a clit which has more nerve endings than the entire penis and more intense orgasms? Maybe in light of that it's a compliment on your sexual prowess? Also what het guy (or bi guy or lesbian woman) doesnt like vagina? I'm also confused about why they dont call feminist women, womenises? MRA's language be as evolved as an amoeba's dump.

>Thanks to In Mala Fide and finding your 'Enemy's List', I found some good blogs that I initially missed.Enjoy the spike in traffic while it lasts, due entirely to links from credible MRA bloggers, and try not to let it go to your head. It had nothing to do with your pussified ass kissing to the harpies. Clue: it won't get you laid, respected or even liked by your feminist overlords. 15 minutes…up

>"Fortunately – for MEN, there will be a stubborn jack-ass like me that sees through it all, who DOES think – and exposes you two GITS for what you both are."Too bad that stubborn jackass doesn't bother using a name to distinguish himself from the rest of the Anonymous. Really, is it that much trouble for you to choose "Name/URL" in the "Comment as:" drop box and then type in "Jay Hammers" so that I know who you are without having to do any detective work?

>Dear Mister Cold F. Ire:Is that your real name?If it is, you should have a talk with your parents…If it isn't: what business do you have asking me to state my real name?Sincerely, Jay Hammers(Of course, that isn't my name, but I am doing as you asked…)Why don't you wake up coldfire, and realize that Manboobz is simply another Jay Hammers…Basically, it is one of Elam's crazies (or Elam himself), starting a blog – that is so atrocious to the "men's movement", and of course, Darth Elam is going to "Take it on" – and win.It seems well-rehearsed to me.Wake up and smell the coffee ColdFire.Notice how Jay Hammers just "disappeared"?Ever talk to him?Ever talk to Manboobz?I didn't think so.I seriously get the feeling this is all rehearsed (but – maybe its my imagination).P.S. Yeah, it is too bad stubborn jack-asses like me don't use a name now isn't it?Sincerely,Mr. Anon Y. Mous

>This is a crazy blog, for sure it's not a blog against the MRM.So far I read nothing in this thread which is related to MRAs. Nick said… Any man who doesn't grovel at women's feet seems to be a threat.It is up to men to reject feminism. Nobody can force you to socialize with overdemanding psycho-grrls. No need even to acknowledge their existence.As a man, go your own way (MGTOW), MRAs are telling you how to do that.

>nice one David you are becoming famous!Anyway:homosexuals are funny because they suck cocks and take it up the ass. Ah ah ahWomen are pretty and beautiful and wonderful but are not as smart, strong and funny as men

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