Davis Aurini: Teen girls get “tingles” from the bloody blades of “third-world savages”

Teenage girls: Always falling for the wrong guy!
Teenage girls: Always falling for the wrong guy!

These are strange times indeed in the imaginary world inside Davis Aurini’s bald head.

Last week, the failed filmmaker and white nationalist (on paper) posted a response, of sorts, to the Orlando massacre that tells us very little about the tragic event itself — but quite a bit about Davis Aurini, including his exceedingly creepy thoughts on the sexual fantasies of teenage girls.

As you might imagine, the bald bigot has little sympathy for the mostly gay victims of the massacre — he describes them, in present tense, as “a group who predominantly work against our interests.” But he still wishes he could have been there to shoot the shooter himself, because “pragmatic, honourable, loving, and rule-following wolves” like himself “do not tolerate people who break the rules.”

Apparently the problem with Omar Mateen wasn’t so much that he murdered 49 people but that he broke some rules in the process. I shudder to think what Aurini thinks the penalty should be for jaywalking, or peeking at someone else’s cards while playing Go Fish.

So that’s strange enough. But what’s this thing about “rule-following wolves?”

Aurini is drawing on a notion — explicated in detail in Anonymous Conservative’s book The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics and promoted heavily by far-right “thinkers” like Vox Day — that conservatives are steely “K-selected” reproducers well-suited for harsh environments while liberals are a bunch of  irresponsible, resource-guzzling “r-selected” losers who practice free love and single motherhood.

Or, in furrier terms: Liberals are rule-bending rabbits, while conservatives are wolves who “prefer explicit hierarchies and distinct rules.”

Brace yourself, fellow rabbits, because we’re about to go deep into the mind of Aurini.

“The morals of a Liberal,” he declares, “are the morals of a prey animal; cowardice, treachery, appeasement, irresponsibility, crowding.”


They promote social chaos so as to hide themselves in its milieu. When society has no clearly defined boundaries, or families, or communities, then it has no customs or rules. The Liberal is able to seek out their immediate benefit without censure or consequence – aside from the natural consequences of Mother Nature and the Gods of the Marketplace – but by the time the collapse occurs, they will have out-bred and cheated their way into dominance of the genome. They’ll have the most iligitimate children, they’ll form the bulk of the mob, and though many of them will be culled once winters hit, their genome will survive.

Fascinating, though completely wrong. Conservatives actually have about 40 percent more children than liberals, according to a 2006 study that seems to be backed up by voting preferences in presidential elections. As Amanda Marcotte notes in Slate:

Higher fertility in red states … is the product of the societal pressure on women there to marry young, have more children, and put less of their energy into developing careers. In blue states, on the other hand, women tend to limit their family size and have kids later in life. …

But don’t buy the conservative hype linking ideology to family stability. Red states have higher incidences of teen births and divorce … .

Let’s ignore the fact that Aurini’s rickety theoretical framework is totally and completely wrong in every way it could possibly be wrong, and let him explain more about the rabbits.

“The only emotions I’ve ever seen them display are lust and terror,” Aurini writes.

The rabbit – upon suffering abuse, violence, and threat – this is the closest they ever come to feeling love.

I really, really, really hope that Aurini has never had actual pet rabbits.

He continues, getting creepier by the sentence:

Their terror morphs into something that’s downright spiritual – a spirituality that’s utterly demonic – and they find the same catharsis in Islamic murderers as they do in bug chasing and sharing their wives. The overwhelming fear snaps their amygdala, and for the first time in their life they are at peace.

Apparently us liberals are all murder-loving, AIDS-wanting wife swappers?

The rabbits love the pedophile, the single mother, the graffiti artist, the tyrant, and the drug addict; of course they’ll love the terrorist.

I spoke too soon! Apparently we liberals are single-mother enabling, tyrant-obeying, drug-addict coddling, murder-loving, terrorist adoring, AIDS-wanting, wife swapping, pedophile-phile graffiti art enthusiasts.

And I haven’t even gotten to the bit about the sexual fantasies of teenage girls. Brace yourself again, dear readers, because, well, this is Davis Aurini writing about what he thinks are the sexual fantasies of teenage girls. 

Raised on narcissism, solipsism, and social media, your average girl graduating High School has been inundated with images of American Soldiers marching in cherry-red high-heeled shoes; of weak White men bowing down before the dictates of the diversity crowd. 

The red shoes bit, in case you’re wondering, is a reference to the fact that last year several college ROTC programs encouraged (or forced, depending on whose account you believe) male cadets to participate in a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event during Sexual Assault Awareness month.

And you gotta love the capital “W” for “white.”

Aurini — *shudder* — continues:

Her erotic fantasies have been focused on pretty-boy homosexuals and yaoi porn, and having never suffered any adversity in her life, she cannot begin to fathom the threat that exists.

Oh, but it gets worse:

Compare her mental image of Western masculinity to that of the the Orlando shooter – the Boston Bombers – the Paris attackers – or the jihadis who behead innocents: instead of graduating from pretty-boy Luke Skywalker to bad-boy Han Solo, her first tingles will happen when she matures beyond the safe sexuality of anime characters to the blood-dripping blade of a third-world savage.

Even if we set aside from the odd (and oddly dated) Star Wars reference — I’m pretty sure that very few teenage girls in the US today have posters of Mark Hamill hanging over their bed — this is almost incomprehensible.

Is Aurini really suggesting that teenage girls — or young women, or older women, or even Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford — are getting off on videos of terrorists beheading people?

Who the hell knows. What we do know, though, is that Davis Aurini is getting off on the idea of killing a whole bunch of Muslims. He ends his post with this chilling declaration:

Our mission as Men of the West – as men of God, of Civilization, of Honour, and Beauty – is to take upon ourselves the task of building ourselves up so that we might rebuild civilization.  To reclaim the potency and virility of the Crusading Knight, and to be prepared at all times to fight these heretics and give them an ignoble death.  …

If we are to die, let us die as heroes, slaughtering the forces of darkness that are railed against us.  Pray for the strength of ten men during your final hour, because one of us is worth a hundred of them.

Wrong again. Davis Aurini isn’t even worth a cat poop.


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I’m pretty sure “pedophiles” here actually means gay men, what with him being an alt-right homophobe and all

I have to say I’m a bit jealous. My internal barometer is in my knee, and when the glass is falling it sometimes hurts so much I can’t walk.

@ dalillama

Our post apocalypse commune will be pretty agrarian, so accurate weather forecasting will be essential. We have our niche! 🙂

(Sorry to hear about your knee though)

I feel tingles when I read Aurini’s prose, but it’s just my spidey sense.

I woke up to find that Boris “poor people have a vital place in society now that it’s illegal to hunt foxes” Johnson has won the referendum. Oh bother, said Pooh.

@Alan: 6’3″, if that helps the statistics.

@ EJ

I ended up staying up when it looked like it might not go the way predicted. It was like Eurovision but without the terrible songs.

And thanks for that. Not quite enough samples to test the hypothesis yet though so any other male Mammotheers care to chip in?

ETA: going to be knackered at work which ironically is meetings with a bunch of peeps from Norway. They’re about to do a big investment. If the £ stays down for a bit that’ll actually be quite handy.


Would chicks with ample boobs and low cut tops help to lure some kilt-wearing Scottish men? Because the supply of cheap booze and football of the non-American variety might be slightly unreliable, but well-built women…let’s just say I know quite a few.

@ msexception

Based on a sample of my Scottish friends you could have stopped that sentence after “chicks” 🙂

(Or as they’d put it “Bonnie wee lassies”)


I just recently saw that movie for the first time. Karen might be my favorite cartoonishly stupid character of all time, except for Homer. Amanda Seyfried was hilarious!

My google ads for this article:
>Womens Rights


EDIT for Alan: 5’7. Total beta.


Aurini should not be allowed anywhere near rabbits or teenage girls.


Dumb question I haven’t seen asked yet: is that meme at the top an actual MRA meme, or is it a parody that Dave made just for this article? Because, uhm, if any teenage girls are likely to get ‘tingles’ from any 1950-60’s era politician, it wouldn’t be from Richard Nixon. Dude just didn’t have ‘sex appeal’ as part of his asset list, mkay?

Or am I wrong for thinking his nickname Tricky Dick came about for his actions as a politician? 😀

Apologies if somebody has touched on this already. I haven’t read all of the comments yet.

The only emotions I’ve ever seen them display are lust and terror,” Aurini writes.

This, coming from the man who gave us that cinematic masterpiece Lust in the Time of Heartache.

Tell me about the rabbits, Davis.

If we are to die, let us die as heroes, slaughtering the forces of darkness that are railed against us.

So why doesn’t Aurini go and fight ISIS in the Middle East? Isn’t that where he could actually fight the “forces of darkness”? Why is he sitting at his keyboard writing mindless dribble when he and his ilk could be dying “as heroes”?

All talk and no action. Typical MRA internet bully.

she’s faithfully married or enthusiastically polyamorous

The two are not mutually exclusive. Monogamy doesn’t necessarily entail faithfulness and polyamory is not cheating. Cheating is when the one partner goes behind the other one’s back and sleeps with someone else.

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