I’m taking a couple of days off. In the meantime, vintage sexist ads!

Shortly afterwards, she joined the Redstockings
Shortly afterwards, she joined the Redstockings

I‘m taking a couple of days off from the blog (it’s been a while). As a sort of parting gift, some insufferably patronizing vintage sexist ads. Feel free to discuss, or to just use this as an open thread.

I’ve got a couple of quickie posts scheduled for the next couple of days and will check in from time to time. If some big news story breaks, or there’s a troll run wild, or something else that requires my immediate attention, please email me!





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6 years ago


What the hell did they expect? Republicans are shitty people, otherwise they wouldn’t be Republicans. They knew from the beginning that these guys were shitheads, now they’re surprised they start acting like it? It’s shit like this that makes me really, really pissed off about this idea that political beliefs are just differences of opinion, equivalent to liking the Doors more than the Stones or the like, and you shouldn’t judge people on them. Unlike matters of opinion (music, art, food, etc.), politics is literally about matters of life and fucking death, and how you feel about, e.g. people dying of curable illnesses, being shot down in the streets, or starving in the midst of plenty actually says a great deal about what kind of person you are. Whereas if you think the Rolling Stones are a better band than The Doors, I don’t get your musical tastes, but I also don’t care, because it won’t ever affect my life in any way (except possibly by leading me to listen to the Stones if we were in each other’s meatspace presence, but that doesn’t really signify).

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