Open Thread for discussion of terror attacks in Paris

Paris tonight
Paris tonight

There have been multiple terror attacks in Paris. As I write this, there are reportedly dozens dead, and hostages being held.

I hope all WHTM readers in Paris are safe, and that this nightmare doesn’t get any worse.

This is a NO TROLLS/NO MRAs thread.

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There are no words adequate in situation like this. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Paris.

BBC reported a few minutes ago that shots and explosions were heard around the building where the hostages have been held. Something may have just gone down.

All I can think of when I look at the places where explosions and shootings are happening is “they wanted to do this in front of cameras, where they would be recorded for the world to see”. A concert/culture venue, a stadium area. And that’s disturbing.

Amazing, seeing the images of the football game going on with explosions in the background.

BFMTV (largest news network in France) had the number of deaths at 60 a while back.

I suspect this is retaliation for France’s air strikes against ISIS in Syria. They want the cameras there. They want everyone to be afraid to get involved or the same things will happen in their countries.

Long time lurker here. Have to get this off my chest somewhere; friends and family are already sleeping. I’m shaking here thinking of what the people there have to go through (and that shit like that is actually daily routine in some spaces…). From the bottom of my heart I hope this is over soon.

Holy shit, this is happening now?
Thanks skiriki and David for the links (a video started playing in DAvid’s link right now)

Damn. I’m thinking of those people just wounded. Emergency services won’t get to them in time. ;(

State of emergency on the whole of the country, borders closed.

The stadium bombing was apparently a suicide bomb.

Thank you David for opening this thread.

My deepest sympathies for the people of France and Paris specifically. Please stay as safe as possible.

Who-what-wher-when-why; ladies and gentlemen of the press, put your thinking caps on and give us the hard data we need to resist the hawks & warmongers. That’s my prayer.

modmyst: I’m already seeing the islamaphobes out in force, saying that clearly it’s refugees who did this.

Also, the climate change deniers are speculating whether it’s related to COP21.

I very personally feel that France will have a very difficult time coming to terms with its feeling regarding this. The likes of daesh have managed to tap into a historic vein of resentment from the Empire/Colonial times, the Algerian crisis and the T’chadian police/coin actions.

I am though at a loss as why to choose France at this time.Rusdia gas stepped up it support of Bashir and with daesh military leadership considered to be Chechen, that with the YPG/PKK advances with US backing, They would be seen as the must obvious targets. My understanding is that France has been lessening it’s military involvement, particularly after its success and consolidation in T’Chad, Mali and northern Nigeria (using proxy forces).

Frankly, I condemn the group (I’m guessing long term sleeper cell) who did this as it it unnecessarily provocative and is so harmful/hurtful/destructive to people who have no direct involvement and only indirectly because of the previous decisions made by their government.

It saddens me as this is an escalation.

Thanks to skirik for emailing me about this; I had just gotten up from a sleep and hadn’t seen the news yet. This is just horrendous.

@skiriki reports of two terrorists killed in the assault. Seemingly no word yet on the hostages.

I’m just dreading the local shithead response to this. We already have had incidents where people have tried to murder-arson a refugee center, fired fireworks at buses transfering refugees, etc. No matter who did this, the white power low-life nazicrap are going to take it out on innocent people.

So how should I explain to /pol/tards and those succeptible to lies from he conservative right how helping immigrants ISN’T going to cause downfall of EU.

Cause right now when in the few moments I can stop thinking to myself “I hope as many people can come out of this safe as possible” -and “France and its people are never going to feel safe for a long time”is “I know exactly what sort of people prey on these sorts of things.”


The tinfoil crowd at Infowars is tripping all over themselves: “See, this is what happens when you don’t have gunz!!!11!!1”

Insensitive and unhelpful. As a person who has no problem with responsible gun ownership/use, I am baffled at how anyone thinks carrying a fire arm for self-defence would in anyway be helpful against an organized surprise attack from people with GRENADES.


Message to Tea Party types: Please shut up.

@skiriki – yes, they are also terrorists. I’m hoping a majority of people can keep a level head and remember what values are actually worth defending, and enforcing where necessary.

I also apologize for my tone and spelling, I am just filled to the brim with emotions right now from the news.

Oh gods Bataclan situation is now officially “holy fucking shit that is so awful that I cant even”.

“According to the agency, one official described “carnage” inside the building, saying the attackers had tossed explosives at the hostages.”

~100 estimated dead.


I’m just dreading the local shithead response to this. We already have had incidents where people have tried to murder-arson a refugee center, fired fireworks at buses transfering refugees, etc. No matter who did this, the white power low-life nazicrap are going to take it out on innocent people.

Sadly you have reason to worry. That’s why, IMHO, it is misguided to tolerate organized groups based around racist/fascist philosophies because of “freeze peach”. Antifa groups have documented the rise in violence in direct proportion to the “tolerance” of hate propaganda, even if the group producing it isn’t overly violent. This is doubly true when they are.

Oh fuck

“AFP quotes police sources as saying about 100 people have been killed in the Bataclan concert venue.”

Why? What could they possibly think they will gain? The main result besides death and pain and fear will probably be an increase in military action against extremists like Isis and unfortunately it will probably cause harm to the peaceful Muslim refugees.

btw Rob Lowe was already scum for “having sex with” (I would call it rape of) an underage girl.

@bvh — I know, but over here, there’s also this little problem of “unexamined racist thinking” and “reasonable suspicion that in certain areas police are actively hindering investigation due to racist sympathies”.

So two terrorists have been shot dead, but with the logistics of this attack there must have been more than two perpetrators.

“Several groups of police have burst into the Bataclan concert venue. Gunfire has been heard. Police have brought out at least 100 hostages; some appear to be wounded. Watch CNNgo.”

I just saw an update from the BBC saying that 100 people have been killed in the Bataclan.

This is beyond horrific.

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