My New Music Blog is Up!

Celebrate. Good times.

Big announcement! My new music blog, If You’ll Be My Flotsam, is up!

It’s mainly a way for me to clear my head of MRAs, as necessary, but hopefully others will find it useful and entertaining.

Some of the music I’ll be featuring there will be vaguely reminiscent of the music videos I post here from time to time, but mostly it will be weirder. You’ll find a more detailed explanation on the blog itself, as well as my first substantive post.

EDITED TO ADD: I have been informed by my readers that the amazing picture I used for this post, which I had assumed was simply the greatest candid snapshot ever from the 1970s, in fact came from contemporary photographer Marianne Rothen, who knows how to work that murky yellow 70s glow. Check out her website and/or a larger version of the pic.

16 replies on “My New Music Blog is Up!”

Yay David! Good for you.

I can’t wait until I get home this evening and can check it out.

Tee, I don’t know where that pic came from. I found it unattributed on the internetz.

Well, at least it isn’t a comic about two guys who sit on a couch and complain about video games ….

(Seriously, way to go, David! Hope it brings you hours of enjoyment!)

Thanks fore letting me know where that pic came from! I’ll put some links in the post.

@Kitteh: I’m a day late, sorry–but yes, it is! He’s around 14 weeks old & his name is Ferdinand.

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