Dunning–Kruger effect MGTOW misogyny

Women don’t go into STEM because they can’t use their feminine wiles to manipulate computers, incredible brain man says

Another brilliant insight from the alternate reality known as the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit: the definitive answer to the question of why there are relatively few women in STEM fields.

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Neo-Nazi who says Heather Heyer’s murder was “justified” used to write for A Voice for Men

Christopher Cantwell, showing off one of his guns for Vice News’ cameras

By David Futrelle

One of the most chilling moments in Vice News’ new mini-documentary on the #UniteTheRight rally this past weekend comes at the end, when reporter Elle Reeve sits down with a well-armed white supremacist named Christopher Cantwell, who tells her, among other horrific things, that he thinks the ISIS-style car attack on counterprotesters that left activist Heather Heyer dead was “more than justified.”

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