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You’ve heard of “Cuckservatives?” Make way for “Cucknadians”

Oh, Cucknada!
Oh, Cucknada!

Language is a living thing. New words are invented every day. Most never make it into the dictionary and fade out once their novelty wears off; a few are embraced by the public and become part of the language. Meanwhile, archaic words drop out of usage and are forgotten by everyone but those who read dictionaries for fun.

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Racist PUA: Are white women “exercising good stewardship” of their nether regions?


So it turns out that Heartiste — everybody’s favorite white supremacist pickup artist assbag — isn’t just a white supremacist when it comes to dudes.

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Roosh V denounced as degenerate “muzzie” by white supremacists he’s trying to woo

Genetically superior Matt Forney and Roosh V at the NPI conference
Matt Forney and Roosh V: Looking for love in all the white places

Pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh continues his attempts to woo the white supremacist crowd.

This past weekend, he attended the annual conference of the white supremacist National Policy Institute with his longtime pal Matt Forney, the odious fat-shaming blogger who is himself a little big-boned, if one’s belly counts as a bone.

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"The battle against feminism is most definitely a white rights issue," Reddit douchebag explains.


White men: Hot local girls are waiting for you  now!
White men: Hot local girls are waiting for you now!

Here’s a horrible comment from Reddit’s always horrible White Rights subreddit that reveals some of  the ways that the central ideas and obsessions of the manosphere are oozing their way into the thinking, such as it is, of the racist right. Birds of a feather flock together, and I guess the same is true of hateful shitheads.

What’s interesting to me is how easily Mr. Saturnine83 here is able to take the traditional racist paranoia about white women not popping out enough white babies to keep the white race going and make the whole “problem” about stuck-up ladies who won’t date him decent white men. For those filling out bingo cards, note the references to”disposible” men and “involuntary celibacy.”

Saturnine83 6 points 2 months ago (6|0)  Feminism has done a great deal of damage to white nations. It has essentially turned white women against white men in what seems like an ever-escalating gender war. It has convinced white women that white men are a disposable, unnecessary part of their kids' lives. It has also lowered birthrates in white nations by convincing women that in order to have a life that they can be proud of, they must compete with men in the workforce, thus neglecting their natural imperative to have children.  I wouldn't go so far as to advocate the traditional blather of "women belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen", but a white woman who does not produce at bare minimum 2 white children is failing to do her part for her race. Without reproducing, regardless of whatever other pro-white actions she has taken in her life (unless they were truly remarkable), she has failed her race. White men who also refuse to reproduce with white women have failed their race as well. Obviously people who are infertile have a valid excuse and should pursue other means of contributing (such as raising adopted white children to be racially aware), so I don't want to say that there is no way that they can contribute, but for everyone else the rule applies.  Unfortunately for a lot of men, the choice of whether they have children or not is not available to them, either through involuntary celibacy or simply being too undesirable. Feminism has also ratcheted up the degree to which hypergamy is in effect in young women, with the resulting belief among most young white women being that unless a man meets a laundry list of specifications then he is practically invisible to them. This leaves a lot of young men lonely and a lot of women childless as they don't understand that their standards were unreasonable until it is too late to have children.  I could go on and on endlessly, but the battle against feminism is most definitely a white rights issue.

Oh, we have no doubt you could go on and on endlessly. Guys like you always can.

If you’re interested in exploring further connections between “Men’s Rights” and “White Rights,” check out the MRMorWhiteRights subreddit, which tracks this stuff in an entertaining way, and which is where I found the link to Saturnine83’s little screed.

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