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Deep Dream Makes These Awesomely Ridiculous Vintage Men’s Magazine Covers Even More Awesomely Ridiculous

DogBear and friends face off against DogManTorso
DogBear and friends face off against DogManTorso

I‘ve long been obsessed with the bizarrely over-the-top cover art for 1950s men’s “adventure” magazines, in which muscular, often shirtless men face off against an assortment of unlikely animal enemies — from armies of “giant turtles” to squads of flying squirrels. (You can find an assortment of notable covers here.)

More recently, I’ve become obsessed with Google’s Deep Dream software, which can turn any picture you toss at it into a creepy acid nightmare filled with strange Dogslug creatures and a strange surplus of eyes.

And now that I’ve found a handy web interface for the Deep Dream software, I decided to combine these two obsessions into one. The results were, well, interesting.