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He drinks a cider drink: Huge weirdo Jordan Peterson says a glass of apple cider kept him awake for a month

Jordan Peterson gets knocked down, and lies there terrified, unsleeping, for a month

By David Futrelle

In addition to being terrible, Canadian fussbudget paleothinker Jordan Peterson is just plain fucking weird, especially when it comes to his diet. You’ve probably heard about his all-meat diet ( The Atlantic goes into great detail about it here).

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VIDEO: Drama King Mike Cernovich cries “I’m being assaulted” after terrifying gentle nudging at Austin rally

Mike Cernovich: Very salty

Correction: I thought this was at the Berkeley rally; it was actually in Austin.

Mike Cernovich has taken his clowning to a whole new level. Watch as “one of America’s leading jouirnalists [sic]” — as he describes himself on his website — is brutally assaulted by a bloodthirsty mob of SJWs at a Tax Day rally in Austin, TX.


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