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Lisa is Nothing But a No Good Uppity B*tch: Red Pillers Take on … The Simpsons

Lisa Simpson: Not a Red Pill Woman

The regulars in the Red Pill subreddit are working themselves into a little bit of a lather over a story about an angry wife who tossed her beta-bucks-providing husband out of the house after he was photographed dancing on a table with a belly dancer at a bachelor party. Adding insult to injury, this was very the same woman who, only a week earlier, had been out on the town with “a handsome French bowling instructor.”

That woman’s name? Marge Simpson, her beta-abusing, alpha-chasing ways dissected in a blog post titled “The Simpsons: Hypergamy, and Male Disposability in “Life on the Fast Lane” and “Homer’s Night Out” (1990).”

Yep. They’re getting worked up about two quarter-century old Simpsons episodes: