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MGTOW Redditor: Alpha males are the real cucks

Bad news for Chads! According to one MGTOW Redditor, Chads should no longer be considered the ultimate males. Nope! It turns out that Chads — and alpha males in general — are obsessed with getting attention from women. Which makes them wimps, simps, and cucks, all rolled into a ball.

conspiracy theory coronavirus MGTOW misogyny simps

Is the pandemic a Chinese plot to turn all men into simps? One confused MGTOW thinks so

Will these soon be mandatory?

We’re through the looking glass, people!

chad MGTOW misogyny simps

All women have at least six men at their beck and call, MGTOW explains

What easy lives women have today, at least in the fantasies of Men Going Their Own Way.

men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny simps slut shaming vaginas

In the midst of a global pandemic, MGTOWs are yelling about women with nose rings

By David Futrelle

It’s nice to know that, even in the throes of a massive global pandemic that could leave tens of millions dead, Reddit’s MGTOWs can still manage to find time to indulge in one of their favorite hobbies: yelling about women with body piercings they don’t like.

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