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Richard Dawkins, gangsta?

Apparently Ricky Dawkins is now taking cues from Ricky Rozay.

Ricky D’s comments in the video come from an event he did with Stephen Law during Oxford Think Week in February 2013. (In case you’re wondering, the relevant segment starts at about 1:11:00 into the full video, which you can find at that link. Yes, he really does say the B word. And gets a lot of applause for it.)

Even more alarming than the b-word is his contention that science-based medicine is in the business of killing people. Though I don’t think that’s quite what he meant to say.

EDIT: I guess he does say “cure” people, though the way he says it somehow sounds remarkably similar to “kill.”  In my defense I’m old and have wax in my ears.

(This is possibly old news to some people, but it’s new to me!)

H/T:  r/againstmensrights