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Harvey Weinstein, Smooth Talker: Today in Tweets

Huge creep

By David Futrelle

Another day, another batch of atrocities and embarrassments, from Donald Trump challenging his secretary of state to a public IQ-test bakeoff to the release of a vomit-inducing tape of Harvey Weinstein demonstrating his, er, pickup technique.

#ResistTrump from russia with trump trump

#ResistTrump today by calling to oppose Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

The Man from Exxon

Trump may be going off the rails, but the hearings continue. So we need to keep calling.

#ResistTrump today by calling your Senators and urging them not to vote for former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. 

#ResistTrump trump

#ResistTrump Today by checking this schedule for Trump cabinet confirmation hearings

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Not actually the Keebler elf

[NOTE: This post updated on 1/10/17 with some schedule changes.]

It’s going to be a busy week, so let’s break it down day by day.