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Save the Affordable Care Act! Call your damn Senators!

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The Republicans are moving fast to bring their healthcare-destroying bill to the senate floor. CALL YOUR SENATORS to oppose it! 5calls has info, scripts, and all the phone numbers you need, even if the lines are busy at your Senators’ DC offices. YOU CAN CALL AFTER HOURS; phone messages are counted just like calls. JUST DO IT.

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New Hampshire pol who founded the Red Pill subreddit resigns in disgrace

Robert Fisher was apparently tired of answering questions

Hey, you remember that New Hampshire state representative who, it turns out, was also the founder of the exceedingly icky woman-hating Red Pill subreddit? Today, apparently tired of answering questions about what a misogynistic shit he is, he quit.

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Just some Republicans celebrating a bill that declares rape a preexisting condition

Ain’t no party like a Republican party (Click for larger version)

So as you presumably have all heard by now, the Republicans were able to get their Obamacare repeal bill through the House. Which means we need to 1) make sure they don’t get an equivalent bill through the Senate 2) make sure that all the Republicans who voted for this bill lose their jobs as soon as possible.

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The Daily Beast takes on the creepy Republican politician who founded the Red Pill subreddit

Robert Fisher: Red Pill Republican

So here’s an interesting little scoop: According to the Daily Beast, the long-anonymous creator of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Red Pill subreddit is, IRL, a Republican politician — specifically, New Hampshire 9th district state representative Robert Fisher, known better in Red Pill circles as Pk_atheist.

#ResistTrump trump

#ResistTrump today by starting a sustained fightback for the ACA

Escalate the phone war!

The House has now joined the Senate in voting for the legislation that could pave the way for the GOP’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). The GOP says it will have the final repeal bill drafted by January 27th.

In other words, get ready to fight for the ACA as if your life depended on it. Because it literally might.

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We Need to Talk About Donald

Let's not elect this dude
Let’s not elect this guy to anything

The We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive is on! If you haven’t already, please consider donating through the PayPal button below. Thanks!

In July, The Huffington Post puckishly announced that it would put its coverage of Republican presidential wannabe Donald Trump in its “entertainment” section, because, for all the noise he was making, they considered his campaign little more than a “sideshow.”

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