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No Girls Allowed: Proud Boys tell would-be Proud Girls to “get the f*ck back in the kitchen”

I still don’t know what the Proud Boys have to be proud about, but I definitely understand the “Boys” part of their name, given that members of the violent nationalist gang often act like they’re five years old, stuck in the “girls are icky” stage of childhood development.


The Proud Boys are single and ready to mingle on their new dating site

Proud Boys are standing by!

By David Futrelle

Hey ladies! Do you like men? Were you born with a vagina? Is your love life utter shit? Are you sick of Tinder and Bumble and OkCupid and all the rest? Are you so lonely and so desperate for a man that you’d consider hooking up with a member of a violent, far-right street gang named after a song from Aladdin?

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Far-right groups involved in today’s #HimToo rally in Portland are full of men charged with domestic violence and sexual assault

The paper trail

By David Futrelle

Today in Portland, members of far-right street gang Patriot Prayer and assorted other brawlers on the fascist right are rallying around the banner of #HimToo, a trollish antifeminist response to the #MeToo movement suggesting that many rape accusations are simply false.

alt-lite alt-right anti-Semitism AntiFa drama kings empathy deficit entitled babies false flag gaslighting homophobia ironic nazis irony alert lying liars men who should not ever be with women ever none dare call it conspiracy proud boys trump

Far-right Proud Boys violently assault protesters in late-night rampage; Fox News declares “Antifa attacks again — swords and vandalism”

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes: He’s the one who drew the sword.

By David Futrelle

Last night the Proud Boys went looking for a fight. After a speech by the group’s founder Gavin McInnes at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, members of the group — a gang of pro-Trump goons who seem to get into fights at every event they attend — were caught on video violently attacking several people who had come out to protest their event, beating and kicking them.

advocacy of violence alt-right anti-Semitism antifeminism cerno entitled babies Islamophobia literal nazis men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny twitter white supremacy

Alt-Right dinguses really very excited that one of them punched a woman in the face

Defenders of Ee Ech in Berkeley

So there was a bit of a battle in Berkeley on Saturday between a motley crew of alt-rightists who wanted to give some speeches and a bunch of anti-fascist (antifas) who didn’t want them to.

Things got a bit, well, heated, with the alt-right anti-antifas going on a bit of a rampage.

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