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Creepy Incel Video of the Day (Update: Dude was arrested)


Here’s what happens when a guy internalizes the incel mindset: he chases a woman down the street in his car because he “just wanted to play a song for her to give her her own choice if she wanted to be with me.”

consent is hard creepy misogyny rapey sexual exploitation sexual insecurity

Unwanted sex is no worse than drinking a glass of water when you’re not thirsty, and other observations from a complete piece of shit

This guy can’t understand why every girl isn’t the girl who can’t say no. It’s just sex, baby, as natural as using a sex toy, except that, well, you’re actually the sex toy here.

antifeminist women double standard marital rape misogyny rape culture

The Transformed Wife, Part 2: The Joys of Obligatory Married Sex

Looking forward to a life of unwanted sex with this dude

Yesterday, we looked at some of the Twitter “teachings” of The Transformed Wife, a reactionary pro-am housewife with strong feelings about Jesus, fornication, and witchcraft. (Not all at the same time.)

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