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Reddit misogynists blame Jews for Lady Thor, predict imminent collapse of civilization

The real agenda?

By David Futrelle

I guess I owe an apology to Reddit’s contingent of Men Going Their Own Way. In the past I have suggested that MGTOWs spend all day every day talking shit about the women they’ve supposedly declared their complete independence from.

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It’s like a hammer to the gut: One Angry Gamer reacts to Lady Thor

Meet the new Thor, not the same as the old Thor

By David Futrelle

You can always count on the dude who calls himself One Angry Gamer to have a highly nuanced reaction to developments in the gaming and comics worlds. For example, take his reaction to the news yesterday that the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie will feature Natalie Portman — a LADY — as none other than Thor himherself.

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Women are secret uggoes who lure men to their doom with their hair, MGTOW explains

Never doubt the power of lady hair

By David Futrelle

Fellas! Be careful around ladies lest they hypnotize you into liking them with their hair. Yes, that’s right. I said hair.

Absorb this hard-won wisdom, coming to you from one very wise fellow in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit who is today’s MGTOW of the Day:

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