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Today’s #ResistTrump Menu: Scott Pruitt, Trump’s tax returns, Russia Russia Russia!

Scott Pruitt: Crushing the environment’s head

Three items on the menu today — do them all or pick your favorite(s)!

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Don’t stop not-believin: Mike Cernovich reverse-Tinkerbells the Washington Post

Mike Cernovich: “If we collectively agreed that the words in WaPo were a lie, they would lose all power.”

You could almost forgive Mike Cernovich for believing, as he certainly seems to believe, that he can alter reality with his mind.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, #ResistTrump-ers!

Mike Flynn, we love to watch you go! And you won’t be the last.

Congratulations, Trump Resisters! By making a big stink about the Trump’s regime’s Russian entanglements you helped to bring about Mike Flynn’s downfall.

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Mike Flynn’s fall, as told in tweets with the word “cuck” in them

Mike Flynn: Cuck, or cuckity cuck cuck? Trump fans can’t agree

There are a lot of questions still swirling about former National Security Advisor and current unemployed person Michael Flynn.

But there is one question we can answer right now, and that is how people who use the word “cuck” a lot on Twitter have reacted to Flynn’s resignation.