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Mammoths Gone Bad

So I’ve been using DALL-E, the AI art software, to create pictures of mammoths to use as graphics. The only problem is that DALL-E can’t always remember what a mammoth is supposed to look like and has terrible problems with both trunks and tusks, rendering most of the art it produces unusable.

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We de-extincted the Mammoth–again?

Good to be back

I read the news today, oh boy:

Ten thousand years after woolly mammoths vanished from the face of the Earth, scientists are embarking on an ambitious project to bring the beasts back to the Arctic tundra.

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She Hunted the Mammoth

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If you’re a regular reader of We Hunted the Mammoth, you probably know the story behind the site’s ironic name — it came from a rant by a Men’s Rights activist type demanding that women show more gratitude toward men because of all the selfless things men have allegedly done for women in history.

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HE SAID THE THING! YouTube ranter Warcorpse666 thinks men deserve privilege because they hunted the you-know-what

Has never fought a mammoth with sticks and rocks

By David Futrelle

He said the thing! I always enjoy it when I run across an example of the exact very thing I’m mocking in the title of the blog: some dude claiming that men today deserve a grateful “thank you” from the women of the world because, in the old old old old old days cave men (allegedly) hunted mammoths to feed their lazy cave wives sitting idly at home eating prehistoric bon bons and dreaming of cave Chad.

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Quillette: Don’t worry about the pay gap, ladies, because you could always become “a bar prostitute, a girlfriend, or a wife”


By David Futrelle

Now I know you ladies like to complain about that pesky pay gap. But there’s no need to worry your pretty little heads (or bodies) about it, because some dude on Quillette has some great ideas on how to extract all the money you need from hapless cash-rich, sex-poor men. Even if — especially if — you live in a mining town, as so many of you gals do these days.

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Women drain men’s life force (semen) and prevent them from hunting mammoths, MGTOW Redditor warns unironically

Semen-filled prehistoric MGTOWs doing some manly man stuff

By David Futrelle

Be still my heart! I’ve discovered a man who is, simultaneously, 1) a Redditor, 2) a MGTOW, 3) a NoFap dude with weird theories about semen who 4) literally wants to go out and hunt mammoths.

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We Extincted the Mammoth to Male-Genocide You

The last mammoth

By David Futrelle

So over on Tumblr, some people were having a nice little discussion of how amazing it is that our ancient ancestors were able to figure out some rather complicated sciencey things, like the circumference of the earth, without being able to just look them up on Google.

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We De-Extincted the Mammoth?

A Mammoth/Pokemon hybrid

It’s rare that we here at We Hunted the Mammoth get to write about actual mammoths, in part because they’ve been extinct for 4000 years.

But they may not be extinct much longer.

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He Found the Mammoth

That looks vaguely familiar
That looks vaguely familiar

Many hunt the mammoth, but not that many find one buried in a soybean field.

That’s what happened, the Washington Post reports, when one Michigan farmer went

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