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Snip snip! MRAs freak out over the exceedingly unlikely prospect of mandatory vasectomies

Men’s Rights Activists have discovered a new entirely hypothetical danger — that evil feminists, mad about the end of Roe V Wade, will force the government to mandate vasectomies for all pubescent boys.

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Men’s Rights Activists consider doing some activism, decide it’s too hard and take a nap

La-Z-Boy: The all-but-official chair of the Men’s Rights Movement

By David Futrelle

There are few creatures on this planet who are more badly misnamed than the Men’s Rights Activist. For one thing, most MRAs seem less interested in expanding rights for men than they are with taking away the rights of women. For another, as I’ve been pointing out since I started this blog nine years ago, they don’t actually do any activism beyond yelling about, and at, women online.

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Porn star Mercedes Carrera was a Gamergate icon. Now that she’s been charged with child sexual abuse, ex-fans pretend they never knew her

Carrera and her porn director boyfriend ” Daemon Cins” have each been charged with eight counts of child sexual abuse

By David Futrelle

Porn actress Mercedes Carrera was enthusiastically embraced by the Gamergate crowd after she spoke out in favor of the journalism ethics movement misogynistic harassment campaign in its heyday back in 2014.

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Roosh V: “Contraception destroys love” because casual sex uses up women’s “bonding glue”

Women agree: Roosh V isn’t spongeworthy

By David Futrelle

It’s not uncommon for aging libertines to have second thoughts about the casual hedonism of their youth. Neil Strauss followed up his 2005 book The Game, which brought the “pickup artist” subculture into the mainstream, with The Truth, in which he confessed that his celebrity as one of the world’s most famous PUAs had in many ways ruined his life and the lives of those around him. (Still, he didn’t return the royalties from his earlier book, as far as I know, or take it out of print.)

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Men’s Rights Twitter Activist Dean Esmay fights “rape hysteria,” “snotty c**ts,” “c**ty t**ts”

Dean Esmay tries to decide whether to call someone a "hatemongering bigot" or a "bigoted hatemonger."
Dean Esmay tries to decide whether to call someone a “hatemongering bigot” or a “bigoted hatemonger.”

So it’s been a while since I checked in on the heroic Twitter activism of the legendary Men’s Rights Twitter Activist Dean Esmay, formerly the Number Two at A Voice for Men, currently either the “Online Activism Director” or the “online outreach director” for the National Coalition For Men — the first according to him, the second according to the NCFM.

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#Gamergaters applaud hiring of fake gamer as Breitbart Tech editor

Milo Yiannopoulos, not playing video games, possibly auditioning for The Cure
Milo Yiannopoulos, not playing video games, possibly auditioning for The Cure

So right-wing garbage site Breitbart has apparently decided to pander to the angry gamer demo even more explicitly with the launch of Breitbart Tech,  “a brand new vertical dedicated to coverage of tech, gaming, and web culture.” Naturally, they’ve tapped the unlovely and ungracious Milo Yiannopoulos, Gamergate panderer par excellence, for editor.

Yesterday Milo went to the KotakuInAction subreddit, one of Gamergate’s main hubs, to announce the good news.

One Puckish Redditor gave Milo a little pop quiz to test his knowledge of technology and gaming. Milo, well, failed it.

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Vox Day to David Pakman: #Gamergate is about the “right” of gamers and game developers to be immune from criticism

Vox Day: I ran his head through some Photoshop filters this time.
Vox Day: I ran his head through some Photoshop filters this time.

Yesterday, I wrote about Vox Day’s extravagantly evasive — yet highly revealing — interview with David Pakman. But the interview also featured a few striking moments of candor. One of these came when Day — a sometime gave developer as well as the biggest asshole in Sci Fi — offered his answer to the question: “What is Gamergate really about?”

Suggesting that the issue of “corruption in game journalism” was little more than “the spark that set the whole thing off,” Day declared that

what Gamergate is fundamentally about is the right of people to design, develop and play games that they want to design, develop and play without being criticized for it.

Which is an. er, interesting perspective, as there is in fact no “right” to be immune from criticism.

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He's the world's worst Men's Rights Activist; MRAs and feminists agree. But what he says isn't that different from "mainstream" MRAs.

bla bla
Peter-Andrew: Nolan©: Too extreme for the Men’s Rights movement?

Longtime readers of this blog will be familiar with a fellow who used to call himself Peter-Andrew: Nolan© — with the hyphen and the colon and the copyright symbol — and now calls himself Joschua-Brandon: Boehm© — also with a hyphen and a colon and a copyright symbol.

I think it’s fair to say he’s the world’s worst MRA.

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In which Paul Elam, alleged human rights champion, tells me to kill myself



 Paul Elam @AVoiceForMen  ·  2 hours ago  David Futrelle: Please kill yourself

So that was A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam’s response to a recent post of mine talking about Christopher Cantwell, an AVFM contributor who also likes to tell people to kill themselves.

In an AVFM post also titled David Futrelle: Please kill yourself, Elam waxed eloquent upon this theme:

David, please go kill yourself.

You should, however, before you slip away into the dark void that resembles your capacity for logic, consider that you may want to get out more. A lot more, actually.

“Please kill yourself,” in the context of Twitter and a lot of other internet exchanges is par for the course.

That is sadly true, Paul. I see that as a problem; you apparently see it as an excuse for the harassment and abuse you and your followers so enjoy heaping upon your opponents in the name of “Men’s Human Rights.”

Apparently, in Elam’s world, the best way to fight male suicide is by telling other men to kill themselves.

Oh, but one of Elam’s fans has an answer to that, too:

RedPillPhil ‏Futrelle isn’t a male so there’s no hypocrisy

Human rights advocates at work!

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#GamerGate's new champion is a wax replica of Patrick Bateman who thinks gamers are a bunch of dateless nerds

Actual unretouched photo of Mytheos Holt, #GamerGate's new champion
Actual unretouched photo of Mytheos Holt, #GamerGate’s new champion

Watch out, Milo Yiannopoulos, you’ve got competition! #GamerGate has a new journalistic champion — and this one, like Milo, seems to have come straight from central casting, a virtual embodiment of every snooty reactionary preppie stereotype from every bad 80s movie.

A libertarian think tanker and erstwhile journalist with the unlikely name of Mytheos Holt, this new contender has one great advantage over young Milo: as you can see in the photo above, which I have not photoshopped in any way, he appears to be made entirely of wax — which means that unless someone accidentally sets him near a heater he will last forever.

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