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Men! Save civilization from collapse by jerking off into a bucket

The humble turkey baster … savior of mankind?

So the folks over in the Collapse subreddit — devoted to the allegedly impending end of civilization as we know it — are worried about a danger most people haven’t even heard about: the worldwide drop in fertility.

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Is Fat Acceptance part of a vast conspiracy to lower Western birth rates? Stefan Molyneux seems to think so

This man wants to put a baby in you

By David Futrelle

Alt-rightish YouTube “philosopher” Stefan Molyneux doesn’t much like fat people or women who don’t have babies when they’re, by his standards, sufficiently young. So I guess it’s not altogether surprising that he’s managed to work both of these bugaboos into a conspiracy theory suggesting that the fat acceptance movement is part of a nefarious plot to lower (white) birthrates in the west.

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“The greatest value a woman has to offer a man is her sexuality, and eggs,” Twitter weirdo explains

The sexiest woman who ever existed, according to SCIENCE

By David Futrelle

Three guys are hanging out on a stoop when a young woman walks by.

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