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Natural Getting the COVID vaccine is pretty much exactly like being gassed in a Nazi death camp

These are happening too

Natural News is a health site gone bad, given over to New Age quackery and right-wing conspiracy theories. It won’t shock you to learn that the people running the site aren’t exactly big fans of the COVID vaccine.

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No, Joe Biden didn’t “fake drive” an electric truck to con us into thinking he’s healthy and not being propped up like Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s

Get in, loser, we’re going shopping

There are more than a few people in the right wing media who want you to think that Joe Biden is a doddering old man unfit for his current job and probably about to die. Whenever he trips going up stairs or misspeaks when talking to reporters, the right-wing Health Truthers will slip in with their insinuations.

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Explaining the Babylon Bee, one bad tweet at a time

Fig. 1: Reading the Babylon Bee; Fig. 2: Reading The Onion

If you have to explain a joke, it either means it’s gone over the head of your audience, or — more likely — that it’s just not a very good joke to begin with.

fake news that's not funny!

Survey: What’s the least funny Babylon Bee post of the last week or whatever

The Babyloon Bee is an Onion ripoff aimed at conservative Christians. There’s just one little problem: while the Bee writers understand the whole “fake news” aspect of the Onion, they seem to have forgotten to make any of their “satirical” posts even a little bit funny.

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Package delivery woes in Berlin portend imminent collapse of western civilization, Vox Day warns

Mr Mc Bealey with a speedy delivery
Mr Mc Bealey with a speedy delivery

Fantasy author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale certainly has a rich fantasy life. Beale, who seems to grow ever more flamboyantly racist by the day, has roused himself into what he thinks is righteous fury over reports in far-right media outlets claiming that DHL Express has cut off delivery services to one especially dangerous neighborhood in Berlin.

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Fake news site trolls Flat Earthers with story claiming Donald Trump has gone flat (earth)

Donald Trump did not say this. Flat earther meme found on; I added the word "fake"to it 7 times
Donald Trump did not say this. Flat earther meme found on; I added the word “fake”to it seven times in six different fonts

There’s been a bit of excitement amongst the Flat Earthers over the past couple of days, as word spread that none other than Donald J. Trump had come out publicly as a Flat Earther, telling an Associated Press reporter that:

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