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Even if incels cease being incels, they’ll still be incels, incel claims

Feels bad, man

Some people think the solution to the whole incel thing is to somehow “redistribute sex” and get these sad boys the girlfriends they pine for s desperately — whether by cajoling or perhaps even compelling women to give these guys a chance, or simply by paying sex workers to take care of their unwanted celibacy.

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Incel demands that depressed women “stop appropriating male culture” because women can’t really be depressed

Sylvia Plath: Definitely faking it

By David Futrelle

Incels insist that no one else can understand their particular brand of loneliness and misery — and that goes double for women. Indeed, they insist, women can’t be “involuntarily celibate” like them because, unlike true incels, women can always find themselves a Chad (or at least some beta cuck) to have sex with.

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Why one Incel Redditor thinks “treating incels for depression should be illegal” 

Therapy works. But incels don’t want to get better.

By David Futrelle

The “Incel” cult not only encourages so-called “involuntarily celibate” men to hate and blame women; it also teaches these men to hate themselves, obsessing endlessly over alleged physical flaws and other imaginary impediments that they think make them undateable and fundamentally unlovable.

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