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Call your representatives to demand Trump be immediately removed from office

Call your representatives to tell them to demand Trump be removed immediately from office, whether via the 25th Amendment or by impeachment. There is still a good deal of damage he could do in the last 13 days of his term.

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Woman who’s been banned from Uber Eats for racism is now running for congress | Brand New Ugly

Laura Loomer: I have no platform but I must scream

Professional troll Laura Loomer — famously banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for her anti-Muslim bigotry and other sins — has come up with a new way to garner herself some attention: she just filed to run for Congress as a Republican in Florida’s 21st Congressional District.

#ResistTrump actual activism trump

#ResistTrump today by urging congress to treat him like a failed president

Mike Pence, his family, and possibly some demons walk past nearly empty bleachers in the inauguration parade

Build on the momentum of this weekend’s massive protests by calling your members of congress with a blunt message: Trump’s behavior in the first several days of his presidency — from his belligerent inauguration speech to his petty and dishonest squabbling about crowd sizes — indicate that he is dangerously unfit and temperamentally unsuited to be president.

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#ResistTrump today by starting a sustained fightback for the ACA

Escalate the phone war!

The House has now joined the Senate in voting for the legislation that could pave the way for the GOP’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). The GOP says it will have the final repeal bill drafted by January 27th.

In other words, get ready to fight for the ACA as if your life depended on it. Because it literally might.

#ResistTrump actual activism trump

#ResistTrump today by learning from the Tea Party how to put politicians on the defensive

The Tea Party: Some of their tactics are worth emulating. Their signs, not so much

The Tea Party movement, which rose up in the early years of the Obama presidency to oppose pretty much everything he stood for, was a reactionary, often-embarrassing political spectacle.

But as reactionary, often-embarrassing political spectacles go, it was a pretty effective one. Tea Partiers may have had trouble spelling their slogans correctly, but they managed to block a lot of Obama’s progressive agenda.