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Parler, we hardly knew ye!

Parler is dead, for now. The very loosely moderated Twitter clone — designed to appeal to the sort of people who get kicked off of Twitter — went dark last night after Amazon pulled the plug on its web services.

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Terrible Tweeters respond to Trump’s permanent Twitter ban

About time, too.

So Twitter has gone and done it: they’ve banned Donald Trump from his favorite online hangout, “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

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Voat — the social media site for people too vile for Reddit — is shutting down

The Voat Goat has seen better days

Pour one out for the folks on Voat. The so-called “free speech” Reddit clone — designed to appeal to people too hateful for Reddit — has apparently run out of money and will close its virtual doors on Christmas day.

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Simpageddon: Twitch bans the word “simp” — and incels have feelings

The streaming site Twitch, in an attempt to reduce harassment on its platform, announced earlier this week that it would be banning the abusive use of the terms “incel,” “virgin,” and “simp,” three favorite epithets amongst the asshole set. So far at least one streamer has been temporarily banned for using “simp” as an insult.

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Nazis, Yes; Tiddies, No: Gab launches “cultural revolution” against porn and lust

Typical porn addict

By David Futrelle

Andrew Torba, who runs the Nazi-friendly “free speech” site Gab, is not exactly a big fan of porn. He banned porn from his platform back in July and regularly inveighs against “coomers” — chanspeak for porn addicts — on his much larger competitor Twitter.

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Jordan Peterson is launching Thinkspot, a “free speech” platform where his fanboys can downvote posts they dislike and make them vanish

By David Futrelle

Jordan Peterson, the sulky alt-lite celebrity professor who likes to sue people who disagree with him, has announced the imminent arrival of his new Free Speech Social Media platform Thinkspot, which promises to be the freest free speech venue in human history except that you have to pay for it and if you say something that offends the Peterson fans and oft-banned alt-right weirdos who will likely populate the service, they can downvote your comments until they disappear.

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Fans cry “censorship” after Jordan Peterson loses a gig at Cambridge, while the supposedly silenced prof brags about his YouTube traffic

JP poses with a fan during a recent visit to New Zealand

By David Futrelle

Jordan Peterson is mightily miffed. In an angry statement first published on his blog yesterday (and then in Canada’s National Post), the Intellectual Dark Webster accused Cambridge University of “kowtowing to an ill-informed, ignorant and ideologically-addled mob” after Cambridge’s Divinity School rescinded its offer of a two-month fellowship.

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Roosh V gives up: With no one paying attention to him any more, the pickup artist puts down his flagship website

Roosh V, sadly realizing his 15 minutes are up

By David Futrelle

Roosh V is having another sad. Just three weeks after Amazon stopped selling nine of his books, the date rape expert, baking enthusiast and former Most Hated Man in the World has decided to shut down his flagship Return of Kings website. In a post on the site today, Roosh announced that

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Vox Day thinks lying is great “persuasion.” Unless people are lying about him.

Vox cries moar

By David Futrelle

The last time we checked in on the execrable racist fantasy author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale, he was urging his followers to smear leftists by posting fake memes, ostensibly from AntiFa activists, advocating domestic violence against women and children. This kind of dishonesty, he proclaimed, was a particularly “effective” form of “persuasion” that only “spergs” could possibly oppose.

alt-right andrew anglin anti-Semitism daily stormer entitled babies grandiosity irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever racism return of kings rhymes with roosh

Return of Kings decries “digital rights Kristallnacht” after The Daily Stormer is tossed off the internet

The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin: Misunderstood satirist?

By David Futrelle

It’s not altogether surprising to see a writer at the far-right internet shitsheet Return of Kings crying “censorship” in the case of The Daily Stormer, the notorious neo-Nazi hate site that has been banished to the so-called Dark Web.

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