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Open thread to discuss shootings in Dallas that have left 5 police officers dead

Dallas police outside emergency room
Dallas police outside emergency room

An open thread to discuss the shootings in Dallas. What’s been reported so far: 5 officers were killed and 6 others wounded when multiple shooters opened fire on police at a BlackLivesMatter protest in Dallas. Three suspects are in custody; a fourth reportedly killed himself during a standoff with police. The police say he was spouting apocalyptic rhetoric and claimed more police deaths were to come.

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Matt Forney: #BlackLivesMatter faked Philando Castile’s death-by-cop “to slander whites”

Philando Castile, killed by police
Philando Castile

Yesterday yet another black man was shot and killed by a police officer in deeply troubling circumstances. Philando Castile was in his car, safety belt on, apparently reaching for his license, when the officer shot him during a traffic stop in a suburb of St. Paul Minnesota.

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Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie attacks Beyonce fans as “feral animals,” threatens murder

Andrea Hardie attempts blackface
Andrea Hardie attempts blackface. No, really. This literally is her attempt at blackface.

Not-so-nice white lady Andrea Hardie — perhaps better known on the internet as Janet Bloomfield and/or JudgyBitch — is still ostensibly the Social Media Director of the fading Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men.

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