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Everything is terrible, so here are some cats chasing bears up trees

Yeah, like a cat never chased YOU up a tree!

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By David Futrelle

We’re going off-topic for a dose of CAT-spiration this Caturday.

Cats are pretty badass. And maybe just a teensy bit overconfident? Or possibly just stupid?

antifeminism bears mansplaining MRA twitter what about the men?

What about the men (who are not polar bears)?


By David Futrelle

Here, courtesy of Australian funny lady writer Bec Shaw’s Twitter, is what may well be “the most amazing ‘what about men’ of all time.”

The pic above I mean.

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Hurricane Irma and other disasters: Today in Tweets

Irma in action in Puerto Rico

By David Futrelle

Hurricane Irma is cutting a wide swath of destruction in the Carribean, en route to Florida. Meanwhile, Equifax doxxes 44% of all Americans, a racist Twitter lady waxes poetic about white guy spooge, and wolves are fucking huge, man.

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7 Days: The Final (Election) Countdown Video Party

Just one more week. Seven days. (Well, technically, six and a half.)

To help make the waiting less excruciating, I will be posting videos of the worst cover versions of “The Final Countdown” I can find, one a day, until the big day. I don’t care if you’ve seen these before. I’m still going to post them.

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