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MRAs, other jackasses troll the American Psychological Association with petition to declare feminism “a symptom of severe mental retardation”


One civic-minded fellow has launched an exciting new campaign to better the lives of men and boys by pestering the American Psychological Association with a trolly petition on urging the APA to declare feminism to be a symptom of mental retardation.

Here’s his plea:

There are people out there who suffer with extreme mental retardation on a daily basis. Sadly, most of these poor souls are left without proper treatment, simply because their symptoms are not recognized as a sign of the severe mental disorder they clearly have. I urge the American Psychological Association (APA) to classify radical feminism as a sign of severe mental retardation and any other associated disorder. It’s time we get these poor, deluded souls the help they so desperately need.

With the help of, er, “activists” from the MGTOW subreddit, as well as from lulz-seekers on 4chan and Facebook, the petition has garnered nearly 1000 signatures in a day.

Human rights activism at its finest.

H/T – r/thebluepill