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Call your representatives to demand Trump be immediately removed from office

Call your representatives to tell them to demand Trump be removed immediately from office, whether via the 25th Amendment or by impeachment. There is still a good deal of damage he could do in the last 13 days of his term.

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CALL YOUR SENATORS to demand action on the nearly 1500 migrant children “lost” by HHS

Trump doesn’t care about brown children

By David Futrelle

I haven’t done one of these CALL YOUR REPS posts in a while, but the news that the the Department of Health and Human Services has “lost” nearly 1500 migrant children, most of them fleeing violence in Central America, has made me feel sick. PLEASE CALL your Senators to demand that those responsible be held accountable for this, And demand that the Department of Homeland Security cease its policy of separating families at the border.

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Call your Senators today! Call them every day! Stop the GOP from destroying healthcare!

UPDATE: The Republicans are delaying the healthcare vote until after July 4th recess. This is a victory for us, but it’s not over. KEEP CALLING! Hit the Town Halls! 

This is it, folks! The GOP is pushing for a Senate vote by the end of this week on their plan to uninsure millions so they can give tax cuts to the super-rich, aka the American Health Care Act or Trumpcare. If it passes, it will be sent back to the House, where a vote could be immediate.

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#ResistTrump today by learning from the Tea Party how to put politicians on the defensive

The Tea Party: Some of their tactics are worth emulating. Their signs, not so much

The Tea Party movement, which rose up in the early years of the Obama presidency to oppose pretty much everything he stood for, was a reactionary, often-embarrassing political spectacle.

But as reactionary, often-embarrassing political spectacles go, it was a pretty effective one. Tea Partiers may have had trouble spelling their slogans correctly, but they managed to block a lot of Obama’s progressive agenda.

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Rebecca Solnit is giving away her book on activism and hope for free

Rebecca Solnit
Rebecca Solnit

UPDATE: The free offer is over, but the book is still available at a big discount at the link below. 

The writer and activist Rebecca Solnit — probably best known as the woman who came up with the idea of mansplaining, though not the term itself — is giving away her book on activism and hope for free, in hopes it can help some of us horrified by Trump’s win to work through the despair and helplessness so many of us are now feeling.

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Screencap of the Day: The MensRightsWiki “Activism” Page


Impressive! Here’s the link. Maybe they’ll eventually fill this blank page with inspiring tales of harassing women, including women they’ve mistakenly targeted because MRAs, on the exceedingly rare occaisions they try to be activists, are the most inept and gullible activists the world has ever seen.

And while we’re at it, here’s the Wiki’s ethics page.


Wow! Instead of nothing, this time they have a list of nothings.

Thanks to Reddit’s veduualdha and StephenMurphy for pointing out these links in r/againstmensrights.

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The whole world is watching … A Voice for Men “activists” making asses of themselves

Well,I got carried away there. It’s not literally the whole world. Only a teensy weensy portion of it.

The fellows at A Voice for Men, you see, evidently stung by criticism that they aren’t activists, have begun engaging in real, honest-to-goodness real-world activism, by which I mean that a handful of them, some in Canada and at least one in Australia, have been putting up posters advertising the AVFM website.

In other words, their activism consists of putting up posters for a website whose only activism thus far has consisted of putting up posters for itself.

Well, eventually they’ll get the hang of it, I guess.