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Bigots swarm an American Muslim writer after Daily Caller attacks her for innocuous tweet

A swarm of internet nasties descended on Laila Alawa, an American Muslim writer, publisher and activist, after she was targeted last week as public enemy #1 by an assortment of right-wing sites — starting with The Daily Caller then spreading to assorted even more fringey sites from JihadWatch to

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Why the Ask The Red Pill subreddit is such a pathetic parade of insecurity and awfullness

The Ask the Red Pill subreddit (r/AskTRP) is an odd little creature. While the main Red Pill subreddit is an arena filled to overflowing with comically swaggering self-proclaimed alpha dogs, all competing to out-alpha one another, AskTRP is an endless parade of insecurities. Ostensibly a place where uncertain Red Pill newbies can turn for advice and…

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"David Futtreele has never been laid before or ever will!" and other insights from A Voice for Men's biggest fan

So earlier in the week I received an email with the subject line “$1000 donation to Paul Elam thank to you David!” The email was a copy of a note this generous fellow evidently sent to Elam along with a $100 donation and a promise to send more. But the email wasn’t so much about…

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Men only commit crimes to make women happy, explains lady MRA

Sometimes posts by Men’s Rights Activists seem like transmissions from some alternate universe, a Bizarro world that bears a superficial resemblance to our own but where everything is backwards and upside down. Take a recent post on A Voice for Men by FeMRA Diana Davison with the seemingly innocuous title “Women don’t own sex.” Ostensibly…

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