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A Voice for Men takes on feminist [rhymes-with-bunts] with new poster campaign

Last week I wrote about the fondness of a certain Men’s Rights website for a certain four-letter word starting with the letter c. This week they’ve topped themselves — with a postering campaign based on the c-word. Yep: A Voice for Men has thrown its support behind a postering campaign with the slogan: “Having a…

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Paul Elam of A Voice for Men: In His Own Words

Paul Elam, the founder and primary animating force behind the website A Voice for Men, is probably, for better or worse, the most influential figure in the Men’s Rights movement (or, as he prefers to call it, the Men’s Human Rights Movement). Elam is also a fierce misogynist with a penchant for angry, violent rhetoric…

"proxy violence" a voice for men a woman is always to blame crackpottery evil women homophobia imaginary backwards land misogyny MRA oppressed men racism that's completely wrong victim blaming whaaaaa?

Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men finds a woman to blame for Trayvon Martin’s death

Well, it took them a little while, but the folks at Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men have finally figured out an angle on the Trayvon Martin case. According to regular AVFM contributor August Løvenskiolds, the whole thing can be blamed on a woman — specifically, Rachel Jeantel, the friend of Trayvon Martin…

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“Artisty Against Misandry” fights bigotry by declaring women to be “tapeworm parasites.”

Many of those in the manosphere wear their misogyny like a badge of honor. Others like to present themselves as fierce opponents of bigotry, and angrily deny the charges of misogyny thrown their way. When the Southern Poverty Law Center ran an article noting the misogyny often found on A Voice for Men, for example,…

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Spearheader on Josh Powell: "What I don’t understand is why he didn’t take out a few judges instead of his innocent children."

Last September, WF Price of The Spearhead wrote a post about a Seattle area man named Josh Powell, widely suspected of murdering his missing wife. Price’s complaint? Powell’s two boys had been removed from his custody after his father (with whom he and the boys were living) was charged with voyeurism and possessing child porn.…

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>Incredibly Strange Antifeminist Bedfellows: Kay Hymowitz defends her attackers

> Damn you, you monsters! This scarf does NOT make me look gay! This is just embarrassing. A bit over a week ago, the Wall Street Journal published a chunk of antifeminist polemicist Kay Hymowitz’ new book Manning Up, which argues that young men today have turned into a generation of immature pre-adults as a…

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>Animal lust

> What better day than Valentine’s Day for a post about love? Or at least the MGTOW version of love, which is more like a mixture of lust and loathing. I’ve spoken before about what I’ve called the MGTOW Paradox: Men Going Their Own Way generally seem to hate the ladies, but the ladies still…

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>The Price of Love

> Apparently, it’s only 15p! With Valentine’s day fast approaching, I thought I’d point you all to an interesting little set of online apps, courtesy of the fellows at calculators that purport to tell dudes the true cost of sex — with wives, girlfriends, and what the kids today are calling “randoms.”  The assumptions…

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>Three 6 Mafia: Probably not regular readers of Feministing.

> Not on their way to a feminist consciousness-raising group. I listen to music mostly while doing other things, like reading or working on this little blog, so I generally do my best to ignore the lyrics. For the last few years, I hadn’t been listening to all that much rap, because rap has more…

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