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No, Jane Austen isn’t getting canceled for drinking a nice cup of tea

We return now to the ongoing culture war. This time we will take a close look at the alleged cancellation of Jane Austen for the crime of drinking tea.

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Memes of Production: “My boyfriend spends all his time making communist memes,” Reddit gal laments

By David Futrelle I was all prepared to do another post on something gobsmackingly terrible, and then I ran across this post from the Relationship subreddit popping on Twitter:

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Ladies! Make yourself attractive to men with the help of Dante, Elvis and, er, Sting?

By David Futrelle The Federalist — the tradcon clickbait site with the oddly wonky name — has won itself a vast audience of hate-readers by posting some of the most ridiculously backward crap on gender you’re likely to find outside of Return of Kings. Federalist posts regularly go viral on the sheer strength of their…

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Donald Trump: Could he become America’s first troll president?

Donald Trump is probably the most casually dishonest serious candidate for president that this country has ever seen. He lies so easily, so shamelessly, and so regularly that media outlets have largely given up trying to factcheck his more, er, problematic assertions.

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