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Erin Pizzey’s fake White Ribbon site declared officially fake by United Nations agency

Two years ago, Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men decided to get into the violence prevention business, in its own backwards way, by getting up in the business of the White Ribbon Campaign, a longstanding international initiative to encourage men and boys to fight against violence against women and girls.

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The Men's Rights activist behind a fraudulent White Ribbon website accuses the real White Ribbon Australia of fraud

November 25th is White Ribbon Day in Australia, a day devoted to ending domestic violence against women. This year – the 25th has already drawn to a close in Australia – there were reportedly hundreds of White Ribbon events held across the country, including a massive march in suburban Sydney that drew thousands of participants.…

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Paul Elam responds to critics of his phony White Ribbon page with reasoned argument. Kidding! He had a tantrum

Paul Elam, the maximum leader of hate site A Voice for Men, has responded to the first wave of media coverage of his phony White Ribbon site with a truculent little rant., and the ever intellectually flatulent David Futrelle have rage-written on this issue barely 24 hours after we launched the site. How…

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A Voice for Men has set up a phony White Ribbon website to coopt the international anti-violence campaign of that name [UPDATE: Real WRC responds to AVFM]

[UPDATE: The real White Ribbon Campaign has responded; I’ve added excerpts at the bottom.] Apparently, A Voice for Men is just itching to be sued. Paul Elam and the gang over at everyone’s favorite Men’s Rights hate site have just launched a new website — — that seems pretty clearly designed to undermine and…

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A Voice for Men's fake site proudly reposts an article on domestic violence plagiarizing from Amanda Marcotte

On Sunday, Paul Elam, head cheese of A Voice for Men, proudly announced that his colleagues at the phony website were republishing a kind of shitty article on domestic violence by Tanveer Ahmed, a columnist for the Australian and a man Elam described as an “esteemed psychiatrist, author, [and] media regular.” Wait, did I…

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Attention Buzzfeed readers: Here's more, much more, about the charming Paul Elam

For those coming here from the excellent Buzzfeed article on Paul Elam, here are some posts of mine that will give you an even fuller picture of this not only sleazy but dangerous man and the little army of fanatical assholes he has assembled to pester and often outright harass (mostly) women online. Start here:…

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Men's Rights elder Paul Elam to #GamerGaters: Pay attention to MEEEEE!

Pity poor Paul Elam! The Men’s Rights elder has spent, by his estimation, nearly half of his life ranting and raving against the supposed evils of feminism, and for what? The movement he claims to lead has had no tangible victories in the real world beyond sullying its own name; traffic at his website has…

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Men's Rights Redditor remembers the victims of Marc Lepine by complaining "we're all supposed to cry about how hard it is to be female. "

Today is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada, an annual event to honor the victims of mass murderer Marc Lépine, who gunned down fourteen women at the  École Polytechnique in Montreal in 1989. Lepine, driven by a poisonous misogynist ideology, specifically targeted women, yelling “I hate feminists” before…

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Men’s Rights Redditors outraged by poster suggesting that men teach boys “about gender equality and healthy, equal relationships.”

Apparently, to a lot of the regulars in the Men’s Rights subreddit — like the hundreds who upvoted a post of this picture — the notion that men should raise their sons to respect women as equals is nothing more than foul propaganda and MISANDRY of the highest order. And seriously, those guys in the…

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Happy Mother’s Day, the A Voice for Men way. (Note: Much worse than you’d think.)

Over on A Voice for Men, our dear friend Paul Elam has come up with an interesting new way to celebrate Mother’s Day – with what is essentially the longest, least funny, and most rage-filled “Yo Mama” joke ever. (Indeed, it’s so rage-filled I should probably put a Trigger Warning right about here.) Elam starts…

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