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Roosh V leads a “peasant revolt” against rootless cosmopolitanism, soybean oil, and beard trimmers

Back in his pickup artist days, Roosh Valizadeh was rather fond of fornication, engaging in it as often as possible with women he described as “lubricated holes,” and writing a small library of self-published books devoted to his distinctly rapey version of “game.”

bad science coronavirus gender policing genocide is good actually men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misanthropy misogyny reddit soyboys

Zinc-obsessed MGTOW thinks it would be “hilarious” if the coronavirus killed off “Soy Boys,” vegans and the elderly

By David Futrelle One of Reddit’s Men Going Their Own Way, a gentleman known as Donald-Hump-Jr, has convinced himself that zinc is the magical coronavirus cure-all, and that everyone who doesn’t have enough of the magical mineral in their system will likely die from the virus.

#gamergate alt-right doxing entitled babies hypocrisy irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever misandry misogyny MRA racism reddit soyboys the c-word white supremacy

Men’s Rights Redditors are aghast that their subreddit has been declared “controversial” by Wikipedia, blame it on “cunts” and “soyboys”

By David Futrelle Men’s Rights Redditors are getting their boxer briefs in a twist over news that Wikipedia is now including the Men’s Rights subreddit on their list of “controversial Reddit communities” alongside such names as r/TheRedPill and the toxic pro-Trump subreddit The_Donald.

#gamergate cuck empathy deficit entitled babies evil SJWs fragile masculinity gender policing homophobia men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny soyboys toxic masculinity transphobia twitter

Angry gamers defend their heroic calling against soyboy journo cucks who think maybe some games should have an easy mode

By David Futrelle I regret to inform you that the gamers are at it again. Or at least that subset of gamers who have somehow convinced themselves that finishing games on the hardest possible mode is an accomplishment as momentous as say, curing cancer or rescuing a litter of puppies from the 15th floor of…

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Angry dudes prove “toxic masculinity” isn’t a thing by screeching about a Gillette ad and calling other men soy boys, cucks, and f***ots

By David Futrelle Gillette’s new ad challenging toxic masculinity has got a lot of people talking. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be angry dudes attacking Gillette for challenging them to be “The Best Men Can Be,” and using the ad as an excuse to call other men “soy boys,” cucks, sissies, pansies and f***ots.

4chan alt-lite alt-right cuck culty empathy deficit entitled babies evil SJWs gender policing memes soyboys twitter

Right-wing trolls embrace new “NPC” meme, taking aim at soyboy cuck libt*rds who respond to everything with meaningless buzzwords

By David Futrelle Alt-right trolls have a new insult: NPC, a sort of all-purpose replacement for formerly ubiquitous anti-SJW putdowns like “cuck” and “soyboy,” suggesting that everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a mindless, even soulless, robot, akin to a videogame Non-Player Character who can only respond to stimulus with a small number of…

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Davis Aurini attacks Alt-Rightists as soyboy incels who need to become as awesomely virile as he is

By David Futrelle Eventually, it seems, every single far-right nitwit in the United States will be fighting with every other far-right nitwit. Last week, we looked at the miniature civil war that broke out between “crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell and the boys at the Daily Stormer. Today, let’s take a look at another name from…

age gap incels misogyny pedophiles oh sorry ephebophiles sexual exploitation statutory rape apologists

30-year-old incels suffering from arrested development should be allowed to have sex with 14-year-olds because “mentally we’re still teenagers,” incel insists

Well here’s a terrible post for you all from an incel who thinks he’s come up with the ultimate excuse for pedophilia, oh sorry hebephilia — you know, the one in which they want to fuck girls 14 or younger.

incels mass murder is good actually misogyny pedophilia rape rape culture rape is good actually

“The age of consent should ideally be around seven” and other terrible opinions from the internet’s worst incel site

If you’ve been looking for a website that will destroy your last shred of hope for humanity, might I suggest the incel forum BasedHaven? While not as appallingly popular as sites like and, the small site makes up for this with the sheer terribleness of its discussions.

anti-Semitism conspiracy theory incels misogyny transphobia

Incel conspiracy theorist: The Jews want to turn us all into a “hybrid gender” of lady men

Antisemites have it easy. If they run across anything at all that offends them, they can just blame it on the Jews. Can’t find a job? It’s the Jews. Can’t find a girlfriend? Also the Jews.

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