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Paul Elam on “stupid lying whores,” Rebecca Watson, and how he never claims to be a victim even though he totally is one.

In the fast-paced, perpetually busy world of today, we don’t all have time to read every post on A Voice for Men. So here is an edited version of Paul Elam’s latest post, on Rebecca Watson of Skepchick. And whores. And how he personally doesn’t spend all his time claiming to be a victim, even…

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Here’s the video of the Al Jazeera English show featuring Helen Lewis and Rebecca Watson, among others, and me.

It’s  pretty good show. Most of the discussion involves social media researcher and Fordham professor Alice Marwick and Helen Lewis of the New Statesman. Those of us in the Google+ Hangout pop in briefly with comments and questions. FWIW, I appear only briefly in the show proper, but I have a somewhat longer (and a…

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A “die hard MRA and hard rock fan” sends Rebecca Watson his drunken manifesto. Also, he’s 19.

People! Rebecca Watson of Skepchick has just received a most awesome drunken email manifesto from a hard-rockin young MRA by the name of Jimmy Zinn. Here are some selected excerpts, but you’ll want to go read the whole thing. My name is Jimmy Zinn and I’m a die hard MRA and hard rock fan. I’m…

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JohntheOther: I totally didn’t lie about Rebecca Watson, Take Two

Hey, you remember that thing the other day, when A Voice for Men’s second banana JohntheOther said some awful things about evil feminist atheist Rebecca Watson because she made a joke at a conference and he didn’t realize it was a joke? And then he said he didn’t realize it was a joke, even though…

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Brother JohntheOther Mansplains it All For You: Rebecca Watson misrepresentation edition.

Check out this post from PZ Myers, tearing apart a sleazy JohntheOther video about Rebecca Watson. In the video, JtO, the number two man at A Voice for Men, declared Watson a sociopath for allegedly mistreating a “handler” assigned to her at a Skepticon convention. Trouble is, Watson’s “mistreatment” never actually happened, and her public…

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Men’s Rights Redditors to Rebecca Watson: How dare you say we hate women, you [obscene gender-related slur]

NOTE: Today is Day Two of the Man Boobz Pledge Drive. If you haven’t already, please consider clicking the little button below and sending a few bucks my way. Thanks! (And thanks again to all who’ve already donated.) Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: So the other day, the atheist blogger Rebecca Watson, aka…

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Memeday: The (Allegedly) Selfish Feminist, starring Ashley Judd

In today’s slightly delayed Memeday post, we’re going to be looking at the “selfish feminist” meme, a variation of the good old “hypocritical feminist” meme that’s based on the notion that selfish, spoiled women adopt feminism in order to score equal pay without equal work — and in the greatest crime against humanity ever known — without…

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Attention Buzzfeed readers: Here's more, much more, about the charming Paul Elam

For those coming here from the excellent Buzzfeed article on Paul Elam, here are some posts of mine that will give you an even fuller picture of this not only sleazy but dangerous man and the little army of fanatical assholes he has assembled to pester and often outright harass (mostly) women online. Start here:…

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Paul Elam, you're no MLK: A Voice for Men offers a $100 bounty for a clear photo of its latest feminist foe

Today I’d like to share with you two quotations. One is from Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights leader whose legacy we honor today. The other is from someone who considers himself the leader of a human rights movement that follows in the footsteps of King. The first quote: Sooner or later all the…

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"A Woman's Room Online" attempts to convey the real-world consequences of online harassment

“Surly Amy” Roth, a Los Angeles artist and writer for Skepchick, has created an art installation that attempts to capture and convey what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the relentless abuse she and too many other outspoken women face online. With the help of members of the Los Angeles Women’s…

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