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The Protocols of the Elders of Feminism (Or, Gloria Steinem Didn’t Really Say That)

Today is the final day of the We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! If you haven’t donated yet, click that little button below! Thanks!  I‘m continually amazed by the amount of time and energy that antifeminists put into fighting monsters of their own creation — that is, the imaginary feminists in their heads who bear about…

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Psy-Ops and Stealth Infiltration: The Protocols of the Elders of Roosh

It was a tad ironic, to put to mildly: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that famously phony anti-Semitic “document” purporting to provide the details of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy straight from the Elders themselves, not only helped to inspire and rationalize the vicious Nazi campaign against the Jewish people; it provided the Nazis with…

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The Protocols of the Elders of Mangina

The dude behind the Black Pill blog — formerly known as Omega Virgin Revolt — has some harsh words for the conspiracy theorists who seem to be everywhere online. Does he take them to task for the bizarre anti-Semitism that infects their ranks? No. For declaring everything from the Kennedy assassination to the recent record…

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Quiz: Who said it — A “Gender Critical” Redditor, or The Daily Stormer?

By David Futrelle One thing I’ve learned doing this blog lo these many years is that hate looks like hate, no matter what kind it is: Misogyny looks like racism; racism looks like antisemitism; antisemitism looks like homophobia. While these different forms of bigotry aren’t identical by any means, they do share many of the…

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Terrible Copypasta Thursday: “The THICC meme is a jew psyop created to normalize obesity, indolence and racemixing”

By David Futrelle When you hear someone talking about a woman’s winsome thickness, you may find yourself flashing back — at least if you’re an old like me — to Sir Mixalot’s Baby Got Back. But there are some people out there who evidently start thinking about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. 

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Sexbots are cool, but don’t forget to smack real-life women and “cure the world of the Jew,” Daily Stormer urges

By David Futrelle The alt-right appeals to many of the same sort of guys that flock to the Men’s Rights movement and kindred groups like the pickup community and Men Going Their Own Way — young straight white dudes, infused with aggrieved entitlement, looking to blame someone (or a bunch of someones) for their problems…

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Daily Stormer: “Jews are encouraging men to masturbate to pictures of fat women”

Is plus-sized model Ashley Graham being used, wittingly or unwittingly, by a secret cabal of degenerate Jews trying to brainwash red-blooded white men into finding fat chicks attractive? That’s what Andrew Anglin, the Trump-loving, Jew-hating editor of the internet Nazi tabloid The Daily Stormer seems to be suggesting in a series of posts on Graham…

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Seems legit: Men’s Rights Redditors outraged by obviously fake Tumblr screenshot

Men’s Rights Activists spend a remarkable amount of their time getting worked up about things that aren’t real. They rail against having to register for a draft that doesn’t exist. They complain about the injustice of “women and children first” even though that’s not now, and has never been, standard procedure for evacuating ships, planes or anything…

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A Voice for Men triumphantly cancels its conference; supporters declare victory

Say it ain’t so, Paul! A Voice for Men’s second “International Conference on Men’s Issues” has been … cancelled! No one could have seen that coming, huh? Anyway, in a “Bulletin” on AVFM yesterday, AVFM “CEO” Paul Elam tried his best to explain away this little embarrassment:

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Comments I don’t let through: Saturday afternoon hate potpourri

Once again, a look at some of the comments that people try to leave here, but which for assorted reasons don’t get past the rigorous We Hunted the Mammoth screening process. I kid; the process is not rigorous at all. You just need to pass a minimal standard of basic human decency. Here’s an assortment…

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