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Men react to tragic news that Chris Hemsworth will play a dumb guy in Lady Ghostbusters

It’s a dark day for the world’s beleaguered male gender. Again. The Feminazi overlords at Sony have released a horrifying video of what appears to be actor Chris Hemsworth forced to play a buff hunky character who is sort of an idiot in the upcoming Lady Ghostbusters.

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Return of Kings calls for boycott of all-lady Ghostbusters because ladies can’t science

The We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive is almost over! If you haven’t already, please consider donating through the PayPal button below. Thanks! Fresh off their wildly successful boycotts of Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the fellas at Roosh V’s internet garbage site Return of Kings have now set their…

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Why stop with an all-male re-reboot of the all-lady Ghostbusters? Here are 20 more dude-ified versions of female-centric films

You may have already heard the news: the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot with women in the lead roles — which caused such consternation amongst the douchebags of the world when it was recently announced — is going to be followed up with another Ghostbusters featuring dudes at the helm once again. No, really. Deadline spoke to…


Angry Internet men terrified that lady-filled Ghostbusters reboot might not suck

A specter haunts the Internet’s angry men. The specter that the new Ghostbusters movie with all the ladies in it might actually be, you know, good.

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The Internet’s worst people have a new woman to hate: Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones

[UPDATE: Milo has been banned for good from Twitter. My thoughts here.] More than a year and a half of manbaby whining wasn’t enough to derail the opening weekend of the Ghostbusters reboot: the film took in a greater-than-expected $46 million in the US, and Sony is already talking about a sequel. And so the Lady-Ghostbuster-haters have…

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Sorry, manbabies, the real problem with the Ghostbusters reboot isn’t misandry but racism

The We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive is on! If you haven’t already, please consider donating through the PayPal button below. Thanks! Today will go down in history as a dark day for manbabykind. For today, the lady Ghostbusters trailer dropped. And there was much wailing and tweeting of tweets. Let’s take a stroll amongst the wailing manbabies…

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Is “Bird Box” a secret SJW assault on able-bodied straight white men? A bunch of racist dinguses say “yes”

By David Futrelle Is Netflix’s Bird Box — set in a world in which the only way to defeat evil is to literally never look at it — just a post-apocalyptic horror flick with a premise that’s equal parts terrifying and ridiculous? A sort of mashup of A Quiet Place and The Happening that’s nowhere…

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Love to learn about women from dudes who’ve never spoken to one on Reddit dot com

It’s another lazy Friday on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, and the fellas are talking about their awesome hobbies and the whitewater rafting trip a bunch of them organized together in Ariz …

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Breitbart’s Milo Y: “We need to make America hate again”

We haven’t heard much from Breitbart “journalist” and self-proclaimed “supervillain of the Internet” Milo Yiannopoulos since he was booted off of Twitter. Sad! But he’s kept himself busy with his Dangerous F****t “lecture” tour of American campuses, delivering deliberately offensive speeches in hopes of ginning up controversy and garnering publicity for himself.

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MGTOW manifesto blasts “woman uprising” that turned regular “c**ts” into fat “c**ts”

Ah, the good old days, when me were men and women were c**ts! You know, just regular c**ts, not the pampered, stuck-up, fat c**ts of today.

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