alt-right andrea hardie anti-Semitism antifeminism antifeminist women ironic nazis judgybitch literal nazis racism

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie dons Nazi t-shirt in an attempt to prove who the hell knows what

Apparently our old friend Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie — oft-banned antifeminist Twitter “activist” and alt-right hanger-on — was once again feeling a bit ignored by the internet, so she bought herself a Nazi t-shirt and made a lovely video.

alt-right andrea hardie anti-Semitism antifeminst women irony alert literal nazis misogynoir misogyny racism

Lady MRA Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie goes full Nazi. Or does she?

So our old “friend” Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie is apparently craving attention again. In a blog post a couple of days ago, the erstwhile Men’s Rights Activist (and former A Voice for Men “social media director”) announced to the world that “Yes, I’m a Nazi. And how are you?”

alt-right andrea hardie anti-Semitism judgybitch literal nazis MRA racism

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie weighs the pros and cons of hating Jews

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie, the Canadian Trump superfan and racist crossbow-fetishist, has been flirting with the alt-right for some time now. But she’s apparently still a bit confused about what exactly the alt-right is. In the midst of an otherwise uninteresting review of Mike Cernovich’s documentary Silenced on her JudgyBitch blog, Hardie confesses:

alpha males alt-right andrea hardie antifeminism antifeminist women capybaras FemRAs hillary clinton judgybitch misogyny MRA trump

JudgyBitch: Trump won debate because he “spanked Hillary just enough to let her know her place”

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a voice for men alt-right andrea hardie antifeminism antifeminist women crackpottery FemRAs hypocrisy irony alert misogyny MRA trump women's suffrage

JudgyBitch: Women without husbands or sons should have to join the military to vote

With election day here in the US less than two months away, Andrea Hardie has decided that maybe it would be ok if some women were allowed to vote after all.

a voice for men alt-right andrea hardie antifeminism antifeminist women FemRAs ironic nazis Islamophobia judgybitch misogyny MRA rape rape culture sockpuppetry twitter

JudgyBitch on marital rape, killing Trudeau, and why she thinks white skin is GOLD

I stand corrected: In a recent post I suggested that Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie, after at least two Twitter permabans, had been successfully kicked off the social media platform. As was pointed out to me shortly after I put up that post, she had already returned to Twitter with a new account. Welcome the new “Janet…

a voice for men advocacy of violence alt-right andrea hardie antifeminism antifeminist women attention seeking empathy deficit FemRAs Islamophobia judgybitch mike buchanan MRA racism

JudgyBitch: I’d support nuking Mecca if I thought it would be “effective” against Islam

In the midst of a rambling blog post arguing that a large terrorist attack on American soil before November “puts Trump in the White House for certain,” former Twitter activist Andrea Hardie makes a rather startling pronouncement: She would support nuking Mecca if she thought it would be an “effective” way to strike a blow against…

a woman is always to blame andrea hardie antifeminism antifeminist women big daddy government crackpottery evil single moms FemRAs FeMRAsplaining irony alert judgybitch misogyny MRA

JudgyBitch: Young Brits voted #Remain because they want the EU to be their daddy

The quarterly WHTM Pledge Drive continues! If you appreciate this blog, and can afford it, please click the “donate” button below. Thanks! Leave it to Canada’s most enthusiastic Trump fan who doesn’t think women should be allowed to vote to come up with perhaps the most ingeniously ludicrous theory about Brexit that has been set forth so…

a woman is always to blame advocacy of violence andrea hardie antifeminism antifeminist women domestic violence empathy deficit excusing abuse FemRAs FeMRAsplaining judgybitch misogyny MRA

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie: If I “provoke” my husband, he should be allowed to beat me

So the execrable Andrea Hardie — Twitter abuser, violence-threatener, Canada-embarrasser — has been pondering a deep philosophical conundrum: “Do some women benefit from being slapped around?”

antifeminism antifeminist women FemRAs harassment hate speech irony alert judgybitch literal nazis misogynoir misogyny MRA racism threats trump twitter

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie, banned from Twitter for abuse, insists: I meant to do that!

Last week, semi-professional internet instigator Andrea Hardie treated the world to a rather spectacular Twitter flameout, in which she hurled racist abuse against Beyonce’s allegedly “feral” and “animalistic” fans, and threatened to murder several of them, telling one that “I would love to bolt your ugly face to the roof of my car.”

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