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Janet "JudgyBitch" Bloomfield tries to lie her way out of a Twitter suspension; here's proof of her targeted abuse

Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield may not have mastered the fine art of public relations in the real world, but amongst those who live in imaginary worlds of their own making she is something of a PR genius. Bloomfield, A Voice for Men’s “Director of Social Media,” was recently booted from Twitter (again) for “targeted abuse” —…

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Janet Bloomfield booted from Twitter, hopefully for good

Speaking of harassers, as I was in the previous post, everyone’s favorite PR maven and serial libeller,  Janet “Judgy Bitch” Bloomfield, has been suspended from Twitter — this time, one hopes, for good, as she’s a prime example of someone using Twitter as a “hate amplifier,” which she has stoked in the past with deliberate…

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Was Janet "Judgy Bitch" Bloomfield kicked off Twitter for posting a picture of a cake? I don't think so.

So our old dear friend Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield — you know, the A Voice for Men PR gal best known for her habit of calling people “whores,” including the underage victims of the late, disgraced British “entertainer” Jimmy Savile —  has been suspended from Twitter, for reasons unknown. Bloomfield, for her part, is suggesting that…

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Twitter bans Milo for good, finally. But what about his goons?

So Twitter has finally given Milo Yiannopoulos the boot — apparently for good — after the Breitbart “journalist” gleefully participated in, and egged on, a vicious campaign of racist abuse directed at Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones on Twitter earlier this week.

antifeminism antifeminist women FemRAs harassment hate speech irony alert judgybitch literal nazis misogynoir misogyny MRA racism threats trump twitter

Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie, banned from Twitter for abuse, insists: I meant to do that!

Last week, semi-professional internet instigator Andrea Hardie treated the world to a rather spectacular Twitter flameout, in which she hurled racist abuse against Beyonce’s allegedly “feral” and “animalistic” fans, and threatened to murder several of them, telling one that “I would love to bolt your ugly face to the roof of my car.”

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Attila vs the Lynch Mob Cult Savages: A Case Study in Twitter "Activism"

Today, the first in what will be an occasional series of posts on the Twitter activity — sorry, “activism” — of Men’s Rights Activists and other misbegotten misogynistic miscreants. Sorry about the cheap alliteration at the end of the sentence there, but I’ve spent the last few hours reading  Tweets from Attila Vinczer (@Alvhun) and…

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Antifeminist instigator and serial liar Janet "JudgyBitch" Bloomfield attacks Jessica Valenti for having the abortion that may have saved her life

Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield, lovely human being that she is, has resumed her harassment of feminist writer Jessica Valenti. Several months back, you may recall, the integrity-deficient Bloomfield tried to smear Valenti by Tweeting a series of made-up quotes she attributed to the writer. The fact that the quotes were patently ridiculous, and utterly unlike anything…

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Dirty laundry! Was John Hembling booted from A Voice for Men for criticizing Janet Bloomfield and Stefan Molyneux?

Longtime observers of A Voice for Men have been wondering for some time why John “The Other” Hembling has vanished from that site. Hembling, once the site’s Editor in Chief and number two figure, was not at AVFM’s much ballyhooed conference this summer, and his name has mysteriously vanished from the masthead. AVFM has not,…

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A Voice for Men's Janet Bloomfield libels Anita Sarkeesian with an obviously fake "screenshot" of a Tweet that never was

EDIT: Bloomfield says she found the screenshot on Facebook. Details below. Janet Bloomfield – A Voice for Men’s compulsively lying “social media director” – is at it again. A couple of months back, Bloomfield – who goes by JudgyBitch1 on Twitter – decided for some reason that she could best serve AVFM’s social media directing…

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Exciting new meme: #ConfusedJanetBloomfield AgainstFeminism

When I saw this quote from our old friend, A Voice For Men’s repeatedly-banned-from-Twitter Social Media Director Janet Bloomfield, it seemed to me to be so extravagantly confused that even the most confused cat against feminism would be embarrassed to have said it. So I made a new meme for it. Ta da! Here’s the…

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