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Memeday Monday: Ian Ironwood sure ain’t marrying no feminists nohow!

The quarterly WHTM Pledge Drive is almost over! If you appreciate this blog, and can afford it, please click the “donate” button below. Thanks! We’ve met Ian Ironwood before, a Men’s Rights Activist and sexbot enthusiast with retrograde views on gender and a taste for similarly retro art from the fifties. Ironwood is a prodigious meme-maker, but…

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"No vagina on the planet will give you superpowers," and 9 other baffling Manosphere memes from the mind of Ian Ironwood

Ian Ironwood, as he calls himself, is the proprietor of the blog The Red Pill Room. He’s also a big fan of retro art.  Alas, he has attempted to combine these two interests, producing a series of baffling “memes” in which he pastes little manosophere lessons on top of artwork borrowed from postwar American magazines…

a woman is always to blame antifeminism are these guys 12 years old? crackpottery creepy facepalm grandiosity gullibility irony alert marriage strike men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny oppressed men pedophiles oh sorry ephebophiles penises precious bodily fluids princesses PUA radfems oh my sex sexy robot ladies shit that never happened the sound of his own voice ugly feminists vaginas whores

Imaginary feminists! Don’t destroy “Ian Ironwood’s” sexbot utopia!

Yesterday we looked at far-right manospheran clod/philosopher Vox Day’s melodramatic response to a Canadian sexbot ban that’s completely imaginary (but that Vox, natch, believed was real). Today, let’s look at an almost 3000-word post by one “Ian Ironwood” of the Red Pill Room, spelling out the dire implications of this imaginary legislation. ProTip: Before writing…

antifeminism entitled babies memeday memes men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny MRA projection PUA

Memeday: Men love idealistically (in their pants)

We’ve met “Ian Ironwood” before, the prolific red pill mememaker with a fondness for retro images and retrograde sexual politics. Today, I’ve assemble what you might call a little meme essay made up of images he’s posted. Prepare yourself in advance for a BIG IRONIC SURPRISE TWIST ENDING! Oh dear, I’ve kind of spoiled the…

a voice for men antifeminism entitled babies grandiosity gross incompetence memes men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA oppressed men rape rape culture red pill whaaaaa?

The 9 Most Gloriously Ridiculous Men’s Rights Memes of 2015

Yep, I’m still doing the 2015 retrospectives. I know that it’s now 2016. But hey, I did more than 500 posts in 2015, and there is so much ridiculousness in them I want to share with you all.

antifeminism evil women I'm totally being sarcastic men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA oppressed men playing the victim reddit sexy robot ladies

Men’s Rights Redditors Weigh in on Sexbots, Railroad Monopolies, and Why Women Are Terrible

Oh dear. Our friends the Men’s Rights Redditors have discovered Mr.Ian Ironwood’s little treatise on sexbots. While some are a bit skeptical about the reality of the (non-existent) Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act — more skeptical, anyway, than Ironwood or Vox Day before him — this doesn’t stop the regulars from offering all sorts of distressing…

alpha males antifeminism antifeminst women MGTOW misogyny MRA PUA reactionary bullshit sex sluts whores

Susan “Chartbuster” Walsh does it again

Susan Walsh, the slut-shaming, chart-making dating guru behind Hooking Up Smart, has made yet another chart! This time, it’s a flowchart attempting to diagram “the anatomy of a hookup.” While not quite as impressively incoherent as her infamous flowchart trying to explain the dire economic costs of sluttery, or as plainly incorrect as her diagram…

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