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People in New Zealand can have sex with up to 24 of their best friends, the Prime Minister sort of announces. But the Gateway Pundit isn’t invited

Yesterday the rigt-wing mediasphere went bananas over an ambiguous comment from the top James Bond producer seemingly suggesting that maybe, just maybe, at some time in the future, James Bond could get rebooted as a non-binary super spy.

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Burned by phony “Me Too” claims against Robert Mueller, The Gateway Pundit has moved on to accusing Dems of “Satanic Magick”

By David Futrelle The last time I wrote about far-right fake-news site The Gateway Pundit, it was because one of the site’s writers couldn’t stop referring to the men in the famous Honduran refugee caravan as “virile.” Yesterday, the site was in the news for a rather different reason: for posting what it called “EXCLUSIVE…

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The Gateway Pundit’s obsession with “virile” Honduran refugees harks back to centuries of racist fearmongering about brown and black sexuality

By David Futrelle As The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer noted on Twitter earlier today, the right-wing fake-news site The Gateway Pundit “is extremely into calling the caravan migrants ‘virile.’”

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Right-wingers are accusing Crayola of perversion for posting pictures of a disabled trans man

So the latest company to rouse the ire of the right-wing boycott-threatening squad is Crayola. Yes, the crayon company. Crayola’s sin? The company posted three pictures of a disabled trans man on its social media accounts as part of their celebration of #DisabilityPrideMonth.

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No, the New York Times is not advocating cannibalism, you weirdo dingalings

So the New York Times ran a trend piece today about cannibalism. Well, to be more precise, about an assortment of recent novels and films and TV shows that use cannibalism as a plot device. The piece, I shouldn’t have to say, is in no way, shape or form, a call for real-world cannibalism. Indeed,…

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Shooter reportedly opens fire on protesters in a Portland park, killing one; right-wingers are blaming “Antifa” for the death

The Pledge Drive still isn’t quite there yet. If you’ve donated, big thanks! If you haven’t (yet) please hit the donate button below. Thanks! Last night, protesters were gathering in a Portland park to prepare for a march against police violence when an irate local man reportedly emerged from a nearby house with a gun;…

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The Federalist declares war on Lizzo for being unapologetically fat and possibly killing people with COVID or something

The Federalist has come up with a new scapegoat for the COVID pandemic: Lizzo.

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Busy week for Satan: From “Luciferase” to the AstroWorld tragedy to … Big Bird?

Everyone’s favorite fallen angel has been busy!

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The Week in Woke, Belatedly: Out of Afghanistan Edition

We’re back for Week in Woke, a couple of days late, but the right-wingers haven’t exactly stopped calling everything they don’t like “woke.” Here are the latest catches:

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Right-wing snowflakes are terrified by a singing drag queen on a kids’ cartoon show

Nickelodeon kids’ show Blue’s Clues has decided to celebrate Pride Month by making what is probably the most relentlessly LGBTQ-inclusive childrens’ cartoon the world has ever seen.

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